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[Chiny]Citric acid anhydrous

Colourless crystals,an organic acid with stronger acidity[...]


[Chiny]sodium tripolyphosphate food

Chemical Name:Sodium Tripolyphosphate Synonyms:Penta sodium Triphosphate Molecular formula: Na5P3O10 Standard executed : Food Grade Properties: White powder; Melting point 622°C; Easily soluble in water; It has got salient chelating capacity to ions of Ca and Mg etc. and can soften hard water to make suspension solution become into clear solution; It has got weak alkalinity but no corrosiveness. It is a surfactant, and has got outstanding emulsification to lubricants and fat. It has[...]


[Chiny]tomato paste 36-38%

NEW HOPE FOODSTUFF (CHINA) LIMITED located in Xingang, Tianjin China, where is the biggest exporting port for tomato products in China. Our main products covering tomato paste, other tomato products, apricot puree, juice concentrate, canned fruit, canned vegetables, canned fish, dehydrate vegetables, IQF fruits and condiments etc., Our products sell well in more than 50 countries and regions. Including Europe, North/South America, Africa, Japan, Korea and other South East Asia, Middle East etc.,[...]


[Chiny]cocoa powder

natrual cocoa powder 10-12% natrual cocoa powder 7-9%[...]


[Chiny]paprika oleoresin

Product Name:Paprika Oleoresin The Oil soluble paprika oleoresin is obtained from paprika extract.It is a kind of oil like liquid with main components of capsanthin and capsorubin . Uses: The products could soluble in oil/fat/ethonal for rich the red color for food .For example Instant noodles,biscuits,baking,canner foods cakes and chili sauce . Characteristic: Colour Value 1% 1cm 460nm 10-250 10000-100000CU Good stability under light ,heat,PH conditions. Package: Packed in 25[...]


[Chiny]Sell : sodium alginate, mannitol, Xanthan gum, Sorbitol, CMC, Chitosan

QINGDAO BRIGHT MOON SEAWEED GROUP CO., LTD. which is a comprehensive food additive, pharmaceutical material, seaweed fertilizer with the largest scale currently in China and strong technical forces. Products list: sodium alginate (textile printing grade/ food grade/ medicine grade) Xantham Gum (food /industry grade) mannitol (food and pharmaceutical grade) sorbitol (pharmaceutical grade/food grade) chitosan (food , tech and high density grade) lidocaine (lidocaine base/ lidocaine hydrochloride[...]


[Tajlandia]Ribotide I+G

TS-TIDE (I+G) is the natural flavor enhancer for food categories such as snacks, soy sauce, fish sauce, canned sea food and etc. The synergistic effect can be recognized by cost savings because it is 20 times stronger than MSG. Furthermore, TS-TIDE gives the Umami taste,maximizes the continuity and harmony of food flavors, gives cost-savings of the formulations, reduces undesired flavor and helps to reduce the sodium.[...]


[Czarnogóra]Essential Oil of Juniperus communis L.

100% PURE AND NATURAL FREE DELIVERY OVER 200$ Our code Packing Price JB10 10ml (0.34oz) 9.99 USD JB20 20ml (0.68oz) 14.99 USD JB50 50ml (1.69oz) 39.99 USD JB100 100ml (3.38oz) 68.49 USD JB500 500ml (16.90oz) 292.81 USD JB1000 1000ml (33.80oz) 474.35 USD CAS EINECS FEMA PROCEDURE: 8002-68-4 283-268-3[...]


[Chiny]Vitamin E Acetate Oil 96%

Vitamin E Oil DL-Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate 96% Min Appearance Clear, slightly greenish-yellow, viscons, oily liquid Solubility Practically insoluble in water, freely soluble in absolute ethanol, in acetone, in chlorform, in ether and in fixed oils; soluble in ethanol(96%) Identification Acidity ≤2.0 Light absorption A(1%1cm254nm) 7.0-9.0A(1%1cm284nm) 42.0-45.0 Free tocopherol ≤1.0 Heavy metals ≤20ppm Sulphated ash ≤0.1% Assay 96.0%-102%[...]


[Polska]Baker’s mixture (egg-based)

This mixture is to be used mainly in the baking of yeast-based pies (rolls, doughnuts, pancakes etc.), brittle biscuits, puff pastries, brittle crusts (suitable for cheesecakes and apple pies), waffles, tea biscuits and chilled pies. This product is a natural egg substitute. The mixture allows you to quickly, efficiently and easily bake high quality pies, distinguished for their softness, delicacy and a great flavour. How to use: During production, the mixture is to be used just as natural[...]

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