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[Filipiny]Coconut Milk

Manufacturer of th eOrganic and non-organic coconut milk and coconut cream. Packing isd available in tin cans or in bulk (aseptic)[...]


[Chiny]cocoa powder

natrual cocoa powder 10-12% natrual cocoa powder 7-9%[...]


[Chiny]edible soybean fiber

high water absorbing, NONGMO,200 mesh[...]


[Chiny]isolated soybean protein

90% protein (dry basis), for meat product, NONGMO, hi-gelling[...]


[Chiny]Textured soybean protein

NONGMO, 50% protein(dry basis) content[...]


[Tajlandia]Non Dairy Creamer

We are manufacturing and exporting non dairy creamer with 33%, 35% and 50 % fat. It is free flowing power and designed for coffee, tea,cookies, bread, cake,doughnut, bakery or mix as milk powder. It is instantly soluble creamer with excellent whitening properties.[...]



Xylo-oligosaccharide is a kind of prebiological substance, which can' t be digested but can selectively activate bacterial reproduction within intestines. It can obviously improve intestinal micro ecological balance, proliferate bifid bacteria and gastric function. This point has been proved by experimental findings and recognized by more and more people. Direct physiological effect 1. Low in caloric value and difficult for digestion 2. Functioned as water-soluble edible fiber 3. Preventive[...]


[Chiny]Phytic acid

Molecular formulation: C6H18O24P6 Molecular weight: 660.08 Description: Phytic acid is the phosphates ester of inositol. it is found in almost grains and fibers of plants in the form of insoluble calcium and magnesium salts(called Phytin) which are considered as the storage of organic phosphorus in plants. Property: Its appearance is colorless to light yellow viscous liquid. it contains twelve acid groups which are able to comples with metals to form white insoluble mineral salts. its easily soluble[...]


[Chiny]Sell Chinese Original -Spraydried Tomato Powder!

High Quality Tomato Powder from Xinjiang --'The Home of Tomato in China". (Spray dried and Dehydrated).[...]


[Chiny]Sell Chinese Original -Spraydried Tomato Powder

High Quality Tomato Powder from Xinjiang --'The Home of Tomato in China". (Spray dried and Dehydrated).[...]


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