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[Finlandia]Falling film evaporator

We design and fabricate new, modify existing and sell second hand falling film, multiple-stage evaporators. We are also experts at TVR (Thermal Vapor Recompression) and MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) technologies. Should you have need for a new or used evaporation system, do not hesitate to contact us! -Falling film -TVR or MVR -Multiple stage[...]



We at Ralli Oy Ltd. are experts when it comes to evaporation technologies. We design and fabricate new, modify existing and sell second hand, several effect, falling film, rising film and forced circulation evaporators. Also we are experts at TVR (Thermal Vapor Recompression) and MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) technologies. Please do not hesitate to contact us!! -Falling film -Rising film -Forced circulation -TVR & MVR -Multiple stage[...]



Crispy pea/screw/shell potato food processing line adopts potato starch, potato powder and corn starch as main materials, to produce a variety of twice extrusion ones in different shapes, which are popular in the market, such as crisp pea, shell, screw, square tube, round tube, and wave. This line ischaracterized by unique technique, rational configuration, high automation and stable performance. It can finish steaming, extrusion and shaping in one step without boiler. With high automation,[...]



We supply machine to make breakfast cereal which is one kind of crispy foods adopting grist as basic materials. It is fast and nourishing food with given structure, such as granule shape, flake shape and animal shape. Its outstanding characteristic is containing abundant compound carbohydrate and meal fiber. It can be added with cocoa and sugar, such as honey and maltose. You can enjoy it directly by mixing with coffee, milk, ragout or functional drink. Children can have breakfast of sweet[...]



This machine adopts wheat flour as raw material. It can get different shapes of extruded food, such as screw shape, shell shape, screw shape and pizza shape, after being fried. It's very crispy and delicious.[...]



Electricity-heating oven is mainly composed by oven frame, far infrared ray heating elements, conveying device, moisture eliminating system and controlling system, etc. The heating radiation is concentrated and the heating rate is more than 95%. The power saving effect is over 35%, and electric oven is durable and sanitary. When using automatic temperature controlling system, the temperature controlling needs no electricity switching off. It can meet different biscuit temperature requirements[...]


[Chiny]LT70 Twin Screw Extruder

Consist Feeding System, Extrusion System, Cutting System, Heating System, Lubricating System and Controlling SystemFeeding, Extrusion, Cutting All Adopt Inverters to Gain Powerful Drive, Stable Perform and Energy Saving Automatic Lubricating and Forced Cooling to Get Safe Running and Extended Service Life Feeding System May Adopt Single or Double Screw Convey Type According to Different Material Ensuring Equable, Stable and Smooth Feeding Screws Made of Alloy and Processed by Special Tech Which[...]


[Chiny]Soft ice cream machine HM238(table top machine)

Soft ice cream machine HM238(table top machine) Feature: Pre-cooling,mixer Model:HM238 Rate prower:3.9KW Production Capacity:50L/H Condenser By:Air/water Flavor: 2+mix Net.Dimensions: 610x1030x945(mm) Net weight:232KG Used stainless steel sheet for out-side cover . Freezer cylinder : two 2.8liter Capacity Mix hopper : two 13 liters Capacity Three compressors ( Two main compressor and One pre-cooling compressor ) .The compressor made in Italy. Provided pressure protect function for[...]


[Chiny]Vending soft ice cream machine HM766 (UL approved)

Vending soft ice cream machine HM766 (UL approved) Feature:Vending,Automatic, Pump,Heat treatment,Pre-cooling,Mixer Model:HM766 Rate prower:5.9KW Production Capacity: Condenser By:Air Flavor:2+mix Net.Dimensions: 104x108x160(cm) Net weight:461KG Function: Accept bill and coin also can change coin When you put the money inside the machine that will be automatic sell out ice cream. The cone collector can stock about 200 pcs cone It can base on different country to set up[...]


[Chiny]Soft ice cream machine HM706 (table top touch screen control)

Soft ice cream machine HM706 (table top touch screen control) Feature:touch screen controls,Air Pump,Heat treatment,Pre-cooling,Mixer Model:HM706 Rate prower:3.3KW Production Capacity:50-70L/H Condenser By:Air/water Flavor:2+mix Net.Dimensions: 88x61x94.5 (cm) Net weight:275KG All the popular soft serve variations from low to non-fat ice creams or Yogurt. Heat Treatment System:Provides a daily heating and cooling cycle to safely maintain dairy products up to 14 days before a complete[...]


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