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[Chiny]TF turbine used oil regeneration and treatment system

TF series(TF-10 TF-20 TF-30 TF-50 TF-100 TF-150 TF-200) 1.Sino-NSH used turbine oil purification machine 2.TF turbine used oil filtration equipment 3.TF turbine used oil filtering plant 4.TF turbine used oil purifier machine 5.TF turbine used oil recycling unit 6.TF turbine used oil regeneration machine 7.TF turbine used oil treatment machine SINO-NSH TF turbine used oil purifier(reprocessing,recovery,purification,filtering) machine Application TF oil recycling series is particularly[...]


[Chiny]hamburger forming machine

APF200, APF400,APF600 three different capacity hamburger forming machine, or called patty former. Combined with battering machine, flouring machine, breading machine, to form different capacity processing line.[...]


[Polska]MULTIWIR droplet separator

MULTIWIR droplet separator is designed for catching droplets from the stream of gas or vapour. It consists of an annular structured packing installed on a conical bottom plate and covered with a lid. The packing is built from stainless-steel strips, which can be easily assembled inside an existing apparatus, such as an evaporator. The gas stream flows radially through the packing, where droplets are being separated due to high-frequency rotational motion of multiple tiny vortices. The liquid separated[...]


[Polska]MULTIWIR dust separator

MULTIWIR dust separator is designed for separation of solid particles from a gas stream. The apparatus is devided into two chambers, which contain Multiwir packings made from polypropylene. The packing in the first chamber catches the dust particles and is continuously rinsed with circulating liquid. The packing in the second chamber separates the entrained droplets. The separation processes inside the Multiwir packings proceed due to centrifugal forces induced by multitude of tiny gas streams rotating[...]


[Chiny]slicer to cut fruits vegetables

Automatic Digital Vertical cutter slicer machine Model-80, which cut all the raw material of plantain fruits vegetables cucumber into slices or segments (1mm to 30mm adjustable). pls see attached pic. This cutter is digital cutter with a conveyer to feed the raw material cut Vertically into slices or segments automatically from 1mm to 30mm by finger clicking the meter digital number easily and accurately. Such as sweet potato ,banana, Plantain ,carrot, asparagus , string beans, Cucumber, Celery[...]


[Chiny]samosa empanada machine

We produce the newest automatic high quality high capacity samosa ,empanada , and dumpling integrated machine Model HDT-5000 controled by computer with advanced PLC panel screen finger touch controling system in China. This samosa , empanada ,dumpling machine Model HDT-5000 is very suitable for the Food processing plant, restaurant,hotel or even family food business. the investor can get his investment on this machine back within 3 months by production and sales. All of our samosa machines importers[...]


[Chiny]spring roll samosa pastry machine

Our Automatic square or rectangular shape samosa spring roll Pastry Machine makes 1,500pcs pcs/h to 3,000pcs square or rectangular shape pastry for wrapping spring roll and samosa . it is the best quality and cheapest in price in the world . 1.Our newest Pastry Machine Model HDT-2000F (export Model) (for minimum order quantity of 1set ) is made by stainless steel with automatic conveyor,cutting,stacking,dry flour sprayer device for prevention of pastry sticky in stacking ,pastry counting functions[...]


[Chiny]dough divider rounder

automatic dough divider rounder Model-30XI is a patent machine in China though machine pic was pirated by other Chinese suppliers , we are the only authentic machine producer and supplier in whole China. This Model-30XI dough rounder is highly welcome in Europe and Canada ,USA markets. Capacity 1800pcs round dough bun per hour Per round dough or bun weight from 50g to 70g to 150g adjustable. 1.5kw +4kw Size of machine: 580mm x 660mm x 978mm Weight 220kg Ratio of flour : water 1:0.35 or[...]


[Chiny]fish deboner

Our automatic Fish deboner aplication and features : HDT-YC200 Automatic Fish deboner is mainly used in fish meat collect And pick up widely used in fish processing plants. This machine can separate fish meat from fish Bone,fish skin ,fish tendon in order to raise the fish use Rate and save manpower .this machine is mainly made by stainless steel . production capacity 400-500kg/h . it can debone small or medium size whole fish or half of bigger fish or fish leftover . Packing by wooden crates [...]


[Chiny]Goodyear Food Processing Belt POR 100S1 VFW

Goodyear Lightweight Conveyor Belt Food Processing Belts POR 100S1 VFW Technical Data: Imperial Metric Working Tension 100 PIW 18 KN/M Number Of Plies 1 1 Fabric Type Spun Poly Spun Poly Top Surface Chevron Chevron Bottom Surface Friction Friction Overall Gauge (Approximate) 0.240 in. 61 mm Weight (Approximate) 0.87 lbs/sq.ft. 4.2 kg/s q.m. Bottom Coefficient Of Friction 0.30 (approx.) 0.30 (approx.) Minimum Rec. Pulley Diameters 2.0 in. 51 mm Elongation[...]


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