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[Mołdawia]wines, liquors, brandy, vodka and other

Hi! We are a company specialised to the production of wines, liquors, brandy, vodka and other quality drinks. You can see there[...]


[Rosja]ALCOHOL ( ETHANOL 96 % & ABSOLUTE 99.7%)

Dear Sir / madam We are the Exclusive exporter of Alcohol Manufacturer in Iran . --------------- Pharmaceutical Ethanol 96 % Analyses: R ITEM Standard Results 1 Color-Appearance Colorless Colorless 2 Specific gravity in 20 C 0.8087 0.8080 3 Alcohol Degree in 20 C 96.0 % 96.0 % 4 Acidity as acetic acid mg/100 3 mg/100 1.2 mg/100 5 Permanganate test (min) 20 min 20 min 6 Aldehyde as acetaldehyde mg/100 ml 1 mg/100 0.6 mg /100 7 Methanol as methyl alcohol 10 mg/100 0.8 mg/100 8 Ester[...]


[Portugalia]Disinfected Colmated Corks for medium and current wines COLCORKS

The best natural alternative to other closures. Also disinfected by our mewest system "SANICORKS". FREE corks to test...[...]


[Włochy]My Grappa Barrique

My Grappa barrique ia a premium grappa distilled in the region of Piedmont from a blend of 4 different wine pressings, the remaining of the wine skins, seeds and pulps of the grape, and in particularly coming out from Moscato d'Asti, Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo wine pressed grapes. We are selecting the wine pressings very carefully from the best wine makers and cooperative cellars after the vintage and we use to protect these raw materials in special vacuum plastic rolls which block the oxidation[...]


[Włochy]My Limoncello Italian Original Liqueur

MY LIMONCELLO ORIGINAL LEMON LIQUEUR Limoncello is probably the trendiest Italian digestif liqueur selling in the markets right now and despite it is claimed to be discovered in Sorrento and being the best in the world, the product I am making is produced by using the best lemon peels and juices from Sicily, the island where my origins and heritage come from. My Limoncello is presented in an elegant 500ml decanter bottle, at the original 30% Vol, this allows to offer a very chilled product[...]


[Włochy]My Sambuca Italian Original Liqueur

My Sambuca Premium Liqueur My grandfather, Gaetano Inga, had been producing liqueurs, brandies and Marsala wine in Noto, Sicily for many years before he moved to Genoa, Piemonte in the 1930’s. While in Sicily, he also made a delicious liqueur by infusing alcohol with anise seeds, sugar, and other secret ingredients. As time passed, this style of liqueur became known as Sambuca. The style is now world-famous with many brands circulating worldwide. Now I have resurrected the ancient formula.[...]


[Włochy]Amaro Mio Herbal Liqueur

AMARO MIO PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Lorenzo Inga, belongs to the fifth generation of the Inga Family, premium grappas and liqueurs producers since 1832. The family carries one of the oldest and most selected book recipes written by hands by Lorenzo’s great grandfather Gaetano Inga, from Noto, Sicily, where the family had properties and distilling firms specialized in the preparation of Marsala and various cordials since 1900. Gaetano, at the beginning of 1900, had come across in an ancient[...]


[Argentyna]Descorjet- fastest & safest cork remover for champagne on the market

Product description: shown in photo is solid stainless steel. Two-Tone gold is also available. Patented worldwide. Only need one hand to remove a cork. Cork will not fly around to hurt someone and break something.5 year guarantee. Laser engravable for a gift, corporate, premium, and incentive. A special gift for someone who has everyting or a special gift for a special person. Comes in a nice color gift box. Look on my website to view a video of two petite women opening a bottle of champagne[...]


[Polska]Wino białe, wytrawne

TREBBIANO D’ABBRUZZO BIANCO Region : ABRUZZO Szczep: Trebbiano - 100% 11,5 % VOL. 0,75 l Denominazione di Origine Controllata Białe, wytrawne. Wytworzone na bazie mocno rozpowszechnionego szczepu Trebbiano (we Francji znanego jako Ugni Blanc) Ciekawe, oryginalne o miękkiej, niemal maślanej strukturze i wystarczającej kwasowości, starzeje się godnie. Dojrzewa w dębowych beczkach, leżakuje w szklanych butelkach. Doceniane jest wśród szerokiej rzeszy smakoszy dobrych win. Przeznaczone[...]


[Brazylia]Sugar Cane Spirit (Cachaça)

Brazilian sugar cane spirit (Cachça) with 40% alcoholic content in 600ml bottles. Sugar cane spirit where there is a significant demand for caipirinha - a tropical Brazilian drink.[...]


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