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[Grecja]wine of cultivation organic grapes

red wine where is a special mix of merlot and sirah white wine where is mix of uniblanc, asyrtiko ​ and roditis in bottles of 750ml with our well known label Also we can produce in private label and in any bottle or bulk.[...]


[Włochy]BRUNELLI - Riesling Italico

Splendid pale straw yellow colour with greenish reflections. Its bouquet reveals a characteristic and fruity aroma with fresh Golden apple and peach fragrances. To the palate, it is dry and without asperity, pleasantly fresh and delicate. It is excellent with delicate and vegetable dishes, omelets, boiled fish, seashells and Margherita pizza. Recommended serving temperature is 8°C. Typology: White Alcohol content: 11,5% Vine: Riesling Italico 100%[...]


[Włochy]GIORGI - Chardonnay O.P. DOC

Splendid straw yellow colour still wine of a rare fragrance with an inimitable and very fine bouquet. On the palate, it is elegant, dry and harmonious, agreeable and inviting. Perfect companion for entrees and seafood. Best served at 8°C. Typology: White Alcohol content: 11,5% Vine: Chardonnay 100%[...]


[Włochy]GIORGI - Incontro brut

Beautiful straw yellow colour spumante wine with greenish reflection. Its intense and refined bouquet is fresh and fragrant, with sharp Golden apple and Artemisia scents. To the palate, it is dry,sparkling, harmonious and elegantly caressing like velvet. It is perfect to be served as an aperitif and excellent with seafood or daily consumed through the whole meal. Ideal serving temperature is 6°-7°C. Typology: White Alcohol content: 12% Vine: Pinot Noir 100%[...]


[Grecja]greek wine, high quality, winery/vineyard Fellahidis

Selling top quality Greek red and white table wines. Grapes grown on the beautiful green, fertile hillsides of Pagkeos Mountain, partly at organic vineyards, with tender care being processed to the tasteful wines of Fellahidis house, ripened under supervision of mr Savvas Fellahidis himself. Fellahidis house holds the following labels: *Sympossio, red and white table wine, availability 1 container /month, price: 3,24 euro/ bottle white wine 750 ml, 11,5 % 3,74 euro/ bottle[...]


[Chiny]Glucoamylase alpha-Amylase

We Supply Enzyme like: 1.Glucoamylase(high activity) 2.Medium temperature alpha-Amylase(2000-3000u/ml) 3.Thermostable alpha-amylase(80000u/ml,120000u/g) 4. Cellulase 5. Fungal alpha-amylase 6. Acid Protease 7.Xylanase 8. Lipase 9. Specialty complex enzymes for animals Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with an integration of research&development, producing and trading.We are committed to providing the best value for cost-effective, and seek in (the) country[...]


[Chiny]Cans-sealing machine

Cans-sealing machine Cans-sealing machine 1. Principal parameter Model FBZ-1 Production capacity 1000-2000b/h Height of can 90-135mm Diameter of can 52-66mm Sealing head 1 Motor Power 0.75kw Outer size 1200×720×1900mm Weight 650kg 2. Technical Features Cans capper mechanical structure, with different size of mold head, could apply to different cans and jars of capping , sealing ,safe, reliable, easy to apply to a wide range of food and beverage industry must[...]


[Łotwa]Ulemiste Vodka

High Quality Vodka, 40% Vol. comes in 100cl; 70cl; 50cl; 20cl[...]


[Brazylia]Cachaça from Brazil - Cana Dourada

We are a small producing industry of sugar cane brandy cachaca located in Brazil, our monthly production of cachaca is of 15000 liters We have in supply about 50000 liters of cachaca, stored and aged in barrels made of noble wood, barrels of jequitiba native noble tree of Brazil Natural products, as the proper name suggests, are those that, even so submitted the certain level of processing, preserves the original conditions, being offered to the human consumption without necessity of other artificial[...]


[Brazylia]Wine from Brazil

We sell a very special Brazilian wine made with special kind of grapes. The result is one wine with excelent quality. The Campino wine is one of the best wine from Brazil. The region where is produced this wine is in a montain of Minas Gerais State, the temperature is one positive point, the wine is not expoused in hot temperature as is normal in Brazil. Campino wine receive many premiums of quality around South America, USA and Europe. With a very good price this wine is at disposal for all[...]


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