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[Izrael]Messa wine

White medium sweet wine "altar wine" produced spiceal for Mass .[...]


[Hiszpania]PineApple + Whisky

Pine Apple + Whisky is a combination of both liquors with only 18º vol. with a delicious taste.[...]


[Czechy]The Irresistible Czech Pilsner

Several kinds of lagers with pleasant aroma which equaly blends tastes of both malt and hop with refreshing, wry final taste. Guarantee: Pasteurized with guarantee up to 60 days (inland bottles), 180 days (bottles export ), 30 days (tanks) Awards: 1. place - Czech Beer 1995. 2. place - Czech Seal of Quality for Beer Tábor 1997. 1. place - Czech Beer 2000 Package: Bottle 0,5 l, tanks 20, 30, 50 l, PARTY-tank 5 l. All necessary information available on request.[...]


[Chiny]Cans-sealing machine

Cans-sealing machine Cans-sealing machine 1. Principal parameter Model FBZ-1 Production capacity 1000-2000b/h Height of can 90-135mm Diameter of can 52-66mm Sealing head 1 Motor Power 0.75kw Outer size 1200×720×1900mm Weight 650kg 2. Technical Features Cans capper mechanical structure, with different size of mold head, could apply to different cans and jars of capping , sealing ,safe, reliable, easy to apply to a wide range of food and beverage industry must[...]


[Czechy]Czech Beer

Dear Sirs. We offer conventional Czech beer. Traditional Czech Lager 10% Bohemian Blond Lager 12% Bohemian Black Lager 13% Bohemian Granat Lager 14% Bastard 18% Package: 0,5 litre bottles (12 bottles in case) (20 bottles in case) 0,33 litre bottles (24 bottles in case) Tank 250 hectolitres Contact: S.P.B. Investment Group Ltd.[...]


[Portugalia]Disinfected Colmated Corks for medium and current wines COLCORKS

The best natural alternative to other closures. Also disinfected by our mewest system "SANICORKS". FREE corks to test...[...]



Our company produces wine, cork and products related with these markets. Some products from our company: Wine Empty bottles PVC capsules Cork stoppers Cork plates, rolls and sheet Granulated cork............ To more informations contact us.[...]


[Grecja]wine of cultivation organic grapes

red wine where is a special mix of merlot and sirah white wine where is mix of uniblanc, asyrtiko ​ and roditis in bottles of 750ml with our well known label Also we can produce in private label and in any bottle or bulk.[...]


[Grecja]greek wine, high quality, winery/vineyard Fellahidis

Selling top quality Greek red and white table wines. Grapes grown on the beautiful green, fertile hillsides of Pagkeos Mountain, partly at organic vineyards, with tender care being processed to the tasteful wines of Fellahidis house, ripened under supervision of mr Savvas Fellahidis himself. Fellahidis house holds the following labels: *Sympossio, red and white table wine, availability 1 container /month, price: 3,24 euro/ bottle white wine 750 ml, 11,5 % 3,74 euro/ bottle[...]


[Łotwa]Ulemiste Vodka

High Quality Vodka, 40% Vol. comes in 100cl; 70cl; 50cl; 20cl[...]


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