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Sell Aukcje magazynowe Niemcy [Poland]
Sell Kleje DONAU [Poland]
Sell Korektory i rozcieńczalniki DONAU [Poland]
Sell Bloczki samoprzylepne [Poland]
Sell Etykiety zastępcze do segregatorów [Poland]
Sell Identyfikatory DONAU [Poland]
Sell Nowe segregatory DONAU ECO [Poland]
Sell Taśmy samoprzylepne [Poland]
Sell Pióro kulkowe HI-TECH [Poland]
Sell Pudło archiwizacyjne [Poland]

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Power Trowel
Power Trowel
Almond Extract & Milk multi care soap
Almond Extract & Milk multi care soap
Zamki drzwi Saxo/Zx
Zamki drzwi Saxo/Zx

LBP 2900
LBP 2900
Paint roller handle 18 cm, a thickness of 8 mm rod
Paint roller handle 18 cm, a thickness of 8 mm rod

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Plast-Market Sp. z o.o. Plast-Market Ltd. Is leading producer of masterbatches, colouring pastel and andditives for plastics. We also have got pigment in our offer. Products: POLMAST – masterbatches POLMAST AD – additives POLPAST – paste PM PIGMENT – organic and inorganic pigments NEWS!! We would like to present we special offer of masterbatches and additives for RECYCLING Processing. Our products are especially compose for individual group of producers used in all kind of plastic processing.


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