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[Chiny]Fan Motor

Product Description Model: YJ58 Rated voltage: 220/110VAC Frequency: 50/60HZ Rated currency: 0.10A Power consumption: <6W Output Speed: 1820 R.P.m Product Feature: light weight, small size, low noise and stable operation. Product Specification/Models Model: Application: mainly used in wet adders, heaters, medical apparatus, water pumps and the fans of instruments, Microwave Oven, etc.. Other Information The output shaft can be made according to the consumers need working[...]


[Chiny]Fiber Optic Attenuator

Features: Low Insertion Loss deviation In-line Type and Adapter Type Application: In-line type Low insertion loss deviation High return loss Specifications: Fixed attenuation:1、2、3、5、10、15、20dBor optional Return loss:≥50dB(PC)、≥60dB(APC) Wavelength:1310nm or 1550nm[...]


[Chiny]Fiber Optic Adapter

Features: Good compatibility High precision of mechanical dimensions Good reliability & stability Ceramic or Bronze Sleeve Three types of fiber stub port:PC、APC、UPC Single mode/Muti-mode Various styles:Squareness,Circular and Square link together Application: Telecommunication Networks Test Equipment Local Area Network CATV Connecting with various types of ferrules Specification: SM:PC≤0.3dB,UPC≤0.2dB,APC≤0.2dB MM:PC≤0.2dB Insertion loss:≤0.2dB[...]



Features: Compliance with the standard of IEC and YD-T826/1996 High return loss&Low insertion loss Good reliability&stability Three types:PC/UPC/APC Simplex&Duplex cable Cable diameter:Φ0.9、Φ2、Φ3 Application: Telecommunication Networks Test Equipment Local Area Network CATV Specifications: Insertion loss:<SM>PC≤0.3dB,UPC≤0.2dB APC≤0.2dB <MM>PC≤0.2dB Return loss:PC≥45dB,UPC≥50dB APC≥65dB Durability(1000times):≤0.2dB[...]


[Indonezja]Bose Lifestyle 48 Series III DVD home entertainment system

The Bose® Lifestyle® 48 Series III DVD home entertainment system will change the way you think about movies, music ... even your CD collection. Digitally store and organize up to 340 hours of music in the media center, featuring a progressive scan DVD/CD player. The ADAPTiQ® audio calibration system analyzes your room and adjusts your Lifestyle® system's sound for great performance. Tiny, award-winning Jewel Cube® speaker arrays and a newly designed horizontal center channel speaker fill your[...]


[Chiny]Desktop adapter 45W

* Input Voltage: 90~265 Vac Maximum. * Input Frequency: From 47~63 Hz Maximum. * Single Output: 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V Maximum 45W. * Efficiency: 65%--80% * Ripple/Noise : 60~240mVp-p * Protection: SCP, OCP * Safety: UL , TUV , CE[...]

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[Chiny]Electrical flexible laminated composite

Flexible laminated composite is a kind of materials used in the motor for the slot insulation, which include 6520,6630 (DMD),6640(NMN),6650(NKN), and other special materials accord to the demand of customer. if you want more detail information, please contact us. We are factory which can design and produce special laminated composite for your needed. We can supply the thickness over 0.5mm polyimide film We can supply the thickness over 1.1mm polyester film We can supply the composite by[...]


[Chiny]C45 Miniature Circuit Breaker

DZ47-63/1P (C45) Miniature Circuit Breaker DZ47-63 ma zastosowanie do linii AC 50Hz/60Hz, 230V w jednym biegunie, 400V w dwu, trzy, fourpoles za ochronę przeciążenie i zwarcie i ocenę bież-rentup do 63A.lt może być również użyty do konwersji linii rzadko w ramach normalnej condition.The breaker ma zastosowanie do oświetlenia system dystrybucji w industrialenterprise, powiat komercyjnie, Wysoki-wschód budowa i mieszkania conformswith normy LEC60898 Zapraszamy do kontaktu z nami[...]


[Chiny]Single Phase Multi-tariff Electricity Meter

The type ST12F01 meter is a new generation electronic watt-hour meter designed for measuring energy consumption in single phase services, time-of-use metering with up to four tariffs and custom billing cycles allowing billing and management applications in IEC compliant countries. It is a cost-effective choice for residential and light commercial application. Key features: 1-phase 2-wire network 220-240V 50 Hz reference voltage/frequency Class 1 or 2 (IEC), Class A or B (MID) 5A, 10A, 15A[...]


[Chiny]Poly-Phase Multi-tariff Electricity Energy Meter

The type ST34f02 meter is an electronic watt hour meter that measures energy consumption in three phase services, delivering outstanding operational efficiency and reliable measurement. With high quality, solid-state measurement performance, and dramatically reduces total cost of ownership for the life of the meter. Key features: 3 phase 4-wire network In 5A to maximum 100A direct connection Class1.0 (IEC), Class A or B (MID) accuracy Back light display, with 7 digits LCD easy to read 3[...]


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