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[Chiny]Sell All Kinds Of Plastic Package Bags

PPGPB-64-8-3-5 Product name:6 Mil Low Density Gusseted Bags Product Description: Expandable side gussets accommodate all shapes and sizes. Larger sizes make ideal box liners or covers for oversized items. Meets SO9001/ISO14001 specifications for food contact.We can also carry out custom printing to meet clients requests. Please kindly feel free to direct any questions or inquiries to us!Thanks For Looking![...]

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[Indie]Bacillus Thuringiensis

[CFU - 1x10^11 spores per gm/ Powder] Form Availability: Powder Bacillus Thuringiensis is a Gram-positive, soil-dwelling bacterium, commonly used as a biological pesticide.Spores and crystalline insecticidal proteins produced by Bacillus Thuringiensis have been used to control insect pests Bacillus Thuringiensis is the only microbial insecticide widely using to control lepidopteron pests in many agricultural crops. B. thuringiensis crystal proteins induce the formation of pores[...]


[Indie]Sulphur Solubilizing Bacteria

[CFU- 1x10^9 bacterial cells/ml] Form Availability : Liquid Sulphur Solublising Bacteria is used for the production of this product, namely Thiobacillus Thiooxidants strain is known for it's sulphur solubilizing characters. This bacterial cell converts the non available sulphur and sulphur related compounds to easily assimilable form of sulphur salts through a process of oxidation. During this process, it brings down the high pH of the soil (alkasol soil). Hence, can be utilized in reclaiming[...]


[Indie]Verticillium lecanii

[CFU - 1x10^8 per gm/Powder or CFU - 2x10^8 per ml/Liquid] Form Availability: Powder/Liquid Verticillium lecanii is a biological insecticide based on a selective strain of naturally-occurring entomopathogenic fungus, Verticillium lecanii spores when comes in contact with the target insect, attaches to the cuticle (outer skin) and then germinates and grows directly through spiracle into the inner body of the host. By taking nutrients from the insect it further proliferates and colonizes the entire[...]


[Indie]Beauveria Bassiana

[CFU - 1x10^9 per gm | Powder or CFU - 2x10^8 per ml | Liquid] Form Availability: Powder/Liquid Beauveria Bassiana is highly useful in controlling insect pests. It is basically a fungus that grows naturally in soils. The spore of this fungus when comes in contact with the cuticle (skin) of the target insect pest they germinate and grow directly through the cuticle to the inner body of the host. The fungus by taking nutrients from the insect proliferates and colonizes the entire insect[...]


[Indie]Hirsutella Thompsonii

[CFU - 2x10^8 per ml | Liquid] Form Availability: Liquid The product contains highly effective naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus that parasitizes several insect- pests of agricultural importance. Cells become hypotrophied and internal organelles and cell membranes are disrupted. Hirsutellin is a mycotoxin of a invertebrate mycopathogen determined to possess ribosomal inhibiting activity and appears to possess some specificity to invertebrate cells. The mite fungal pathogen[...]


[Indie]Metarhizium Anisopliae

[CFU - 2x10^8 per gm | Powder or CFU - 2x10^8 per ml | Liquid] Form Availability: Powder/Liquid This is a fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world. Once the fungus spores attach to the surface of the insect, germinate and begins to grow, they then penetrate the exoskeleton of the insect and grow very rapidly inside the insect, causing the insect to die. Other insects that come in contact with infected insects also become infected with the fungus. The fungus proliferates[...]


[Chiny]Barite natural barium sulfate BaSo4 S.G. 4.2 for drilling or paint API

Barium sulfate is odorless, tasteless, colorless, orthorhombic crystals or a white amorphous powder. It is an eco-friendly materials, insoluble in water, acids, alkalis or organic solvents. It can be used as Medical treatment when gastrointestinal X-ray perspective with the "barium meal"for the stomach when swallowed agent perspective (called barium meal)).Industry, can be used as paint, ink, plastic, rubber and raw materials or battery filler, paper, printing paper and the copper surface[...]


[Chiny]Casters For 660-1100L Waste Containers

Casters For 660-1100L Waste Containers Item No.: CRPF200SPB Corrosion resisting, Zinc plated, Durable heat treated steel construction. There are yellow and white plating for your choice. Strong load capacity, Swivel brake/none-brake ones are special for the big bin containers, such as 660L/1100L. Wheel Size: 200*50mm, Plate size: 150*80mm, Screw Holes: 13.5*10.5mm. Load Capacity: 260Kg. Loading Q'ty: 7,000Pcs/20GP. Production Capability: 80,000Pcs/Month, Any single color for the plastic[...]


[Tajwan]Precision High Speed Lathe--CL480/560

Precision High Speed ​​Lathe--CL480/560: Przelot wrzeciona Phi 58 Stożek wrzeciona urodziła M.T. No.6 Taper z centrum M.T. No.4 Etap prędkości wrzeciona 12 SLIDE TOOL: Reszta podróży związek 150, Cross slajdów 265 TALSTOCK: Średnica pinoli Phi 65 Quill turystyczna 150 Taper z centrum M.T No.4 Proszę odwiedzić naszą stronę internetową http://www.fenghsing.tw uzyskać więcej informacji na temat naszej Precision Lathe High Speed​​. Witaj Dystrybutorów i ponownie[...]


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