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Kraj: Tajwan

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[Tajwan]Telephone Cable, TAE Plug to US Plug...

KG-1026 , KG-1071N - TAE-F(N) stecker to Western-Stecker 6x4, 4-adrig - Color : Black - Cable Length : 1 ~ 30m KG-1028 , KG-1072 - TAE-F(N) stecker to Western-Kupplung 6x4, 4-adrig - Color : Black - Cable Length : 1 ~ 30m KG-1095 - TAE-F stecker to TAE-F&N Kupplung, 4-adrig - Color : Black - Cable Length : 1 ~ 30m KG-1052F , KG-1052N - TAE-F(N) stecker to TAE-F(N) Kupplung, 4-adrig - Color : Black - Cable Length : 1 ~ 30m KG-2507F , KG-2507N - TAE-F(N) stecker to TAE[...]


[Tajwan]Telephone Parts, ISDN Converter

KT-3509NC-M - Master ISDN converter, RJ45 plug to British jack / 6P6C - Color : White, Gray - Cable Length : 6 ~ 15cm KT-3509NC-P - PABX ISDN converter, RJ45 plug to British jack / 6P6C - Color : White, Gray Cable Length : 6 ~ 15cm KT-3509NC-S - Secondary ISDN converter, RJ45 plug to British jack / 6P6C - Color : White, Gray - Cable Length : 6 ~ 15cm KT-3509NC-M-64 - Master ISDN converter, RJ11 plug to British jack / 6P4C - Color : White, Gray - Cable Length : 6 ~ 15cm KT-3509NC-P-64 -[...]


[Tajwan]Universal Magnetic Smartphone Holder

Features: * Made in Taiwan – Quality guarantee! * Compatible with all mobile phone models * Easy to install – Simple sticking on any part of dashboard or flat surface * Strong, reusable, long-lasting magnetic holder * No disturbance to signal reception * Can be attached to your protective phone case or directly to your phone * Keep your phone safe. No falling down anymore! We are now offering free sample! If you are interested, please feel free to contact me![...]


[Tajwan]Skype PBX Gateway EzSKY-522

EzSKY-522 is for small Keyphone systems (Trunk Line < 8). It supports “Line to PSTN” pass through, and doesn’t need additional ALC (Analogue Trunk Line Card). It allows to keep the same existing trunk lines’ hunting group, and users can simply switch between PSTN / Skype calls. Feature - Centralized Management of multi-skype ports functions in one computer and seamless Integration with the existing PBX telephony features - Exclusive one Company Skype ID supports multiple concurrent[...]


[Tajwan]VoIP Gateway EzSKY200

VoIP Gateway EzSKY200: ‧ A machine multiple using traditional telephone and network telephone. ‧ Plug and use, change phone base no resetting ‧ Simple and easy hardware setting and software installation ‧ Friendly user interface,easily set up . ‧ Small, and easily carry. ‧ Excellent quality , and clear sound ‧ Call waiting ,can pick up PSTN call waiting during on skype ‧ Building Phone book up to 9900. ‧ Speeding dial up can integrate with private branch exchange ‧[...]


[Tajwan]SIP Gateway ZOT-104

SIP Gateway ZOT-104: • Ideal for home and office; compact design and universal power adapter for traveling • Password enabled VoIP-to-PSTN and PSTN-to-VoIP call routing; make and receive calls from any public switch telephone network (PSTN) via the FXO phone port • SIP 2.0 (RFC 3261), TCP/UDP/IP, RTP/RTCP, ICMP, ARP/RARP, DNS, DHCP (both client and server), NTP, PP PoE, STUN, TFTP, etc. • Remote device configuration via TFTP server with encrypted configuration files; AutoPro ® Automated[...]


[Tajwan]Fiber Optic Multiplexer FORTA 155

ZyFLEX's FORTA 155 is an advanced fiber optic multiplexer that transmits signals between Optical and Electrical line facilities. FORTA 155 transports T1/E1 signals over a single mode fiber for telephone, video and data transmission. The equipment’s functions also support performance monitoring, easy maintenance, and de-bugging. Chassis is operated with -48V DC or 100~240V AC power supply. Main Features : Scaleable channel capacity: 4,8,12, or 16 E1/T1 channels : Embedded SNMP protocol[...]


[Tajwan]Skype phone with PDA

1. USB PC synchronize 2. Internet phone 3. Corrency conversion 4. Alarm clock 5. Secret lock 6. 100 records storage 7. Touch screen 8. Home time & world time 9. Telephone & E-mail 10. Address book 11. 8-digital calculator 12. Auto power off[...]


[Tajwan]SIM card reader

1. Can save Sim card with 250 phone records 2. 2G/ 3G compatible 3. SIM backup/ restore 4. Preset scrolling message 5. Show the name and phone No. 6. 3 preset telephone 7. Home time with calendar 8. 8 daily alarm 9. World time 10.Stop watch[...]


[Tajwan]SIM card reader

1. Storage of 32KB,1000pcs telephone no. 2. Password protection, Clock and calendar 3. Support English,French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Danmark and Dutch. 4. Digital back light 5. 3D combined press button 6. LCD-Screen for viewing menu, backup progress and data[...]


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