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[Chiny]Car dvd

1. Electronic Anti-Shock 2. With AM/FM/RDS radio functions 3. 7inch Wide TFT Colorful LCD touch-screen display 4. NTSC/PAL Compatible 5. Picture Control: Brightness/Contrast/Color/Tint/Reflection Size 6. Screen Angle/Position Memory 7. Repeat/Program/Random 8. Electronic Anti-Shock 9. 30 Preset Stations 10. Auto[...]


[Chiny]Car DVB T

1. Powerful single chip: STi5518,DIBCOM 3000MC(DOUBLE) . 2. 6 MHZs,7 MHZs,8 MHZs, take breadth can from choose Receive the antenna specially. 3.Menu support languages :England, German, Italian, French, Spanish, CHINESE. 4. CAR SPEED>240KM/H 5. Receiver to Receiver Software Upgrade. Technical data: 1. Conform to DVB-T COFDM and MPEG2 standards 2. Use dual tuner and DIBCOM high performance mobile COFDM demodulator 3. Support ≥200km/h high speed mobile reception 4. Multi-Language[...]


[Chiny]Car Video to RGB Converter

1.Video input and RGBS output for Car navigation screen. Tested to wok well on Mercedes, Volkswagon, Nissan,Renault and many more original screens with RGBS or RGSB input.. 2.RGsB [sync on Green] as well as RGBS output makes this device complete for all original screens with RGB interface. 3.RGB input switch makes this unit can be easily inserted onto cars. 4.Motion-cleaner function to remove the fainting/overlapping-image effect from camera on fast moving cars. 5.High quality digital signal[...]


[Chiny]Car adapter

* C30-Series, IP: 11~26 Vdc , OP: 5V, 12V (30W Max) * C60-Series, IP: 11~26 Vdc , OP: 16V, 24V (60W Max) * C72-Series, IP: 11~26 Vdc , OP: 16V, 24V (72W Max) * C100-Series, IP: 11~26 Vdc , OP: 16V, 24V (100W Max)[...]

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[Chiny]1din DVD PLAYER

"Product: 7 inch In- Dash DVD Player Model: DA-735 Features: * High definition TFT true color LCD * VCD exceed strong error correcting * Compatible with DVD/ VCD/ SVCD/CD/mp3/CD-R/JPEG/MP4 * Whole channel TV incept * Refinement face design * Easy carry perfection assembled * Equip charge lithium battery * Follow one’s inclination, feel fascination of film and music at any moment * More-style Incept System by TV, Standard PAL/NTSC Two-style Video Frequency Output * Full-function[...]


[Chiny]1-DIN In-Car TFT Color Monitor

"1. 3.5"" Wide TFT Color LCD Screen 2. model:993DVD 3. Electronic Anti-Shock Color System: NTSC/PAL 4. Picture Control: Brightness/Contrast/Color/Tint/Reflection Size 5. Screen Angle/Position Memory 6. DVD/DVD-R/MP3/MP4/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW Compatible 7. Repeat/Program/Random/Intro Play 8. AM/FM/MPX/RDS Stereo Receiver 9. 30 Preset Stations 10. Auto Memory Store/Preset Scan 11. Preset EQ(Pop/Rock/Classic) 12. 60WX4 High Power Output 13. DVD/VCD/ Changer Control Interface 14.[...]


[Chiny]1 Din 3.5" DVD Multimedia Centre

"Model No.: DV3502 3. 5"" Wide TFT Color LCD Screen DVD/DVD-R/MP3/MP4/Divx/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/WMA /JEPG/DVD+RW Picture Control: Brightness/Contrast/ Color/Tint/Reflection Size NTSC/PAL TV Tuner (SECAM Optional) Screen Angle/Position Memory Flip-down detachable faceplate Front panel AUX in Last memory function(LMF) Repeat/Program/Random/Intro Play AM/FM Stereo Receiver Auto Memory Store/Preset Scan 50X4High Power Output Parking Detector Interface 2V Preamp Output (2 Pairs[...]


[Chiny]1 Din 3.6" DVD Multimedia Centre

"Product: 3.6"" Wide TFT Colour LCD Screen Model:995DVD Features: Electronic Anti-Shock NTSC/PAL Compatible Picture Control:Brightness/Contrast/Colour/Tint/Reflection Size Screen Angle/Position Memory DVD/DVD-R/MP3/MP4/VCD/CD/CD-R/CD-RW Compatible Repeat/Program/Random/Intro Play AM/FM/MPX Stereo Receiver 30 Preset Stations Auto Memory Store/Preset Scan Preset EQ(Pop/Rock/Classic) 45WX4High Power Output DVD/VCD/ Changer Control Interface Parking Detector Interface 2V[...]


[Chiny]1 Din 3.5" DVD Multimedia Centre

"Product: DVD Multimedia Centre with 3.5"" Monitor/USB/SD/MP4 Model: 990DVD Features:  Electronic-Anti-Shock  DVD/ DVD-R/VCD/CD/MP3/MP4/CD/CD-R/CD-RW Compatible  AM/FM/MPX Stereo receiver  30 Preset Stations  NTSC/PAL Compatible  Rear Monitor Video Output  DVD/VCD/ Changer Control Interface  Support USB/MMC/SD/MP3 Playing  Specifications:352*235*146  Weight: 2.8KG"[...]


[Chiny]All in one 7" Toyota Corolla GPS Car DVD with Win CE 5.0 system

Special dual zone car DVD with 7 inch digital panel touch screen, TV, Bluetooth, GPS, iPod MP4, RDS, USB/SD slots, with Operation System: Windows® CE 5.0 ( Car PC solution ), suitable for Toyota Corolla Built in functions: Car DVD, AM, FM, touchscreen, bluetooth, TV, GPS, iPod MP4, RDS, steering Wheel Controll, support Picture in Picture ,support Slide Volume Function, car backing display Change words color very easily whatever you like Change Back image very easily like computer change[...]


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