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[Polska]Serwatka w proszku zwykła i demineralizowana

Serwatka w proszku zwykła i demineralizowana. Zastosowanie: Przemysł cukierniczy i piekarniczy[...]


[Chiny]sell wheelbarrow

GS certification.Multiple colors available. Foldable.[...]



producent oferuje doniczki, doniczki wiszące, osłonki na doniczki, podstawki; różne rozmiary, wzory i kolory, konkurencyjne ceny, transport gratis[...]


[Turcja]Red bell pepper

All kind of sweet and hot red bell pepper without aflatoksin.[...]


[Chiny]Dark Red kidney beans, Millets, Broad Beans

We are Tianjin Yongze International Trade Co., Ltd. in China. We are a trade company which is located in Tianjin of China. We export the following agriculture products, red kidney beans,dark red kidney beans,black kidney beans,broad beans,millets, sorghum, safflower seeds, buckwheat, hemp seeds, chestnut, fruit canned and etc. If you are interested in our products, please contact with us.[...]


[Indie]Cashew kernels

Cashew kernels: W320, W240, and any other grades will be supplied from our company.[...]


[USA]Canine Essentials

Specifications: Your dog needs more than just food. Canine Essentials Original is specially formulated nutritional support for the special dog in your life. Morinda citrifolia (Noni) in a specific, balanced nutritional supplement for dogs provides additional support that no other supplement line can offer. Along with Noni, Canine Essentials Original uses a unique blend of soy lecithin, vitamin E, and DHA for superior support of the nervous system and the immune system. This formula also includes[...]


[Węgry]Terror Eyes - bird repeller

It is good for airports, granaries, sport halls, bridges, supermarkets, gardens, farms and where birds could be a problem. This vinyl inflatable predator frightens away bird gangs with "moving eye" effect. It is also good for calling attention. - Material: vinyl, weatherproof - Diameter: 60 cm - Shape: lentil - Inflatable: with air or gas - Protected area: 2000 m2[...]


[Węgry]Broadband Pro - bird repeller

This device uses the voices of birds of pray (hawk, gull) and signalling alarm voices of some kinds of birds for repelling bird away. It can protect outdoor and indoor areas as well. Consists of a central unit with 220V adapter and four speakers. It can be a solution where birds and their droppings cause problem.[...]


[Węgry]Pest Repeller

This device repels away spiders, fleas, ticks, rats, mice and other small animals by using audible and ultrasonic sounds. - No chemical exhalation. - European standard design (220V) - Protected area: 325 m2 - Indoor application - You can use it safely in human surround. - After 2-4 weeks continuous operation the pests will disappear.[...]


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