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[Chiny]Calibrated 600cc Card Mixing Cups

Calibrated 600cc Card Mixing Cups Double pe coated paper, 50 pcs/ bag,20bags/carton box master care paper cup[...]


[Polska]Drewniane skrzyneczki

Wysokiej jakości skrzyneczki wykonane z drewna bukowego lub sosnowego. Występują w szerokiej gamie rozmiarów, zarówno z wieczkiem jak i bez. Mogą być surowe (sosna) lub lakierowane (buk).[...]


[Polska]Koziołki drewniane

Koziołki drewniane wykonane z drewna świerkowego i bukowego[...]


[Kamerun]Sell waste paper (OCC,ONP)

We are a traders and suppliers of paper and board of all grades along with many specialty paper products in the entire Middle East & Africa region. We, co-operate with a number of paper suppliers in China and Middle East who supply us with their paper waste Qualities. If you are interested in buying please get back to us to send you pictures and our best prices FOB port.[...]


[Chiny]Industrial cardboard press machine

Qingdao Guosen Machinery Co.,Ltd.is The cardboard machine factory.The cardboard press machine used to suppress various specifications format and thickness of industrial ash,Paperboard,cardboard sheeting,cardboard footwear material,such as insulating cardboard.[...]


[Chiny]Bamboo flooring press machinery

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.is The Bamboo flooring hot press factory (Bamboo cutting board press machine,bamboo laminate flooring machines, bamboo wood flooring production equipment).Bamboo flooring hot press is three to HP,sub-monolayer and multilayer,devoted to the suppression of bamboo flooring,bamboo cutting board can also be used to suppress blockboard Panel mechanical equipment.Using high single compressor tank filled,closing fast.Electrical system uses PLC control,operation flexible,reliable[...]


[Chiny]Bamboo and wood Laminated flooring production line

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.Compound floor board bamboo(actual)sets processing wood composite panels production line Machinery Press by gluing machine.Plywood machine.Reciprocating conveyor.Pre-press.Pressing machine and transmission equipment,and other components.Used to create a surface for the valuable wood or bamboo boards,to ordinary wood and the balance to the inner layer of the three-tier institutions in the high-end furniture or floor boards.both maintain the original surface gorgeous.durable[...]


[Chiny]HF Bending wood press Machinery

Qingdao Guosen Machinery Co.,Ltd.is Bend wood hot press machine factory(Crooked wood press machine factory, Press Brake factory, forming press factory).The products are mainly used in the production of all kinds of bending wood veneer laminated wood-based panel products,machinery and equipment.Bending wood production sofas,tables and chairs,with curly wood furniture, musical instruments surfaces,such as wood soles.Using high-frequency heating products can be a complete suppression of stereotypes.A:First[...]


[Chiny]short cycle overlaying production line

Qingdao Guosen Machinery.,Ltd.short cycle overlaying production line is used for sticking PVC film melamine dipped paper, single wooden sheet on artificial board such as flakeboard , veneer, fibreboard, three-ply board by hot press. There are vertical surface-sticking and horizontal surface-sticking. Please offer such parameters as press total pressure, hot plate (workbench)layer quantity, breadth, space and charging mode when you make an order. We are able to design and manufacture according to[...]


[Chiny]Short-cycle lamination hot press machine

Short-cycle lamination hot press machine .In recent years, the wood-based panel’s secondary processing products appear in both international and internal markets, such as decoration boards, widely used in wall, ceiling and furniture decoration. Based on a series of special chemical and mechanical process by the Short Cycle Laminating Line, remarkable improvements have been made in appearance, strength, durability, and moisture-resistance. Therefore, the wood-based panel has extended its application[...]


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