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[Chiny]sell diesel fuel injection pump

We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting all kind of diesel injection pump parts.such as head rotor,nozzle,plunger(element),deliver valves,pencil nozzle,ve pump parts,injectors,repair kit,and so on. With more than 25 years experience in diesel injection pump parts field, we can offer you high quality products with low price in your market. If you have any questions,please contact me. Best regards, Jim(sales manager)[...]


[Wietnam]Lifters Remote Control

The patented Aardwolf Remote Control clamp is an accessory for lifting and moving slab-form loads. The Aardwolf Remote-controlled Slab Lifter incorporates a remote-controlled, spring-loaded latch that both grabs and releases the lifter from the slab without the aid of an assistant operator. This makes lifting and lowering slabs an even safer one-man operation, by operating the clamp on either overhead gantries or forklift jib-booms by complete remote control, and is available in the full sizing range.[...]


[Tajwan]Camshaft pulley holding tool

Adjustable universal camshaft pulley holding tool. For use on all kinds of engines.[...]


[Polska]Podnośniki samochodowe

Oferujemy podnośniki samochodowe płytowe. Ceny producenta![...]


[Chiny]Nitrogen generator and inflator

Mdel:FS-6000B FS-6000B Full Automatic Intelligent Digital Tire Nitrogen Producing/Inflator Features: This Equipment Adopts High-Octane BF-200# Screen of Carbon molecule, and the Core accessories are imported. This Equipment Adopts Silicon Oil Pressure Gauge with Good Shockproof Function. For Compatible Medium—the Compressed Air is Filtered twice. Primary Filtration: Three Class Precision Filter Made of High-Quality Materials. Secondary Filtration: Active Carbon Filtration Device with[...]


[Chiny]Hydraulic presser (hand operated, foot operated, electric operated)

Model:MSY100A Nominal Pressure : 100KN System press: 50MPA Ram stroke: 150mm Table stroke: 150mm*3 Height:300mm Weight:430mm Weight: 105kg Model:MSY100B Nominal Pressure: 100KN System press: 50MPA Ram stroke:150mm Table stroke: 150mm*3 Height:300mm Weight: 430mm Weight: 120kg Model:MSY300 Nominal Pressure: 300KN System press:36MPA Ram stroke: 220mm Table stroke:200mm*4 Height: 978mm Weight:640mm Weight:300kg Foot-operated hydraulic press Model:MJY500 Nominal[...]


[Chiny]Short-wave infrared heater

Model BQ-103 BQ-102 BQ-101 Input power supply 3 kw 2 kw 1 kw Height regulation 0.15-2.1M 0.15-1.5M 0.15-1.5M Time regulation Preheatingfor 1-3min 1-30 min 1-30min Operating distance 0.3-0.5M 0.3-0.5M 0.3-0.5M Drying area 0.8X1M 0.7X0.7M 0.7X0.4M[...]


[Chiny]Handholder oscilloscope

Model: K81 FUNCTIONS: Automotive scanner 3-channel automotive oscilloscope Case management Uppgrade in internet Feature Better components equipped Euipped with the leading chip in the industry, 32bit highly integrated ARM chip, ensuring its capacity of realtime processing the signal when samping frequency reaches 20MHZ high Adopts large storage FLASH, making it easier to upgrade software via internet. Better techniques applied Adopts internationally advanced industrial standard technique[...]


[Chiny]Common Rail Tester

Common Rail Tester RANGE: BOSCH, CP1, CP1-H,CPI-K, CP2, CP3, DELPHI, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO FEATURES: (1) Drive signal modulation to make sure safty of common rail pump electromagnetic valve and injector repair (2) Adjust high pressure pump load and common rail pressure by regulation of high pressure drive signal dutyfactor (3) Injector drive signal pulse width and frequency can be adjusted for injection quantity (4) Instrument has electromagnetic valve drive signal overcurrent protection[...]


[Polska]Profesjonalny Zestaw blokad do wymiany paska rozrządu -FIAT 1.6 16V

Zestaw narzędzi do wymiany paska rozrządu - FIAT 1.6 16V Zestaw narzędzi pozwala na ustawienie i zablokowanie wałków rozrządu w samochodach FIAT 1.6 16V. Narzędzie specjalne służy do ustawienia wstępnego naciągu paska rozrządu. Blokady dostarczane są w plastikowej walizce.[...]


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