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[Polska]Domowy System Uzdatniania Wody RO-5 plus

Innowacyjny system uzdatniania wody sterowany procesorem oferowany tylko w ROsmosis , raz kupujesz i masz problem z wodą z głowy System oparty na bazie odwróconej osmozy , sterowanie elektroniczne z wyświetlaczem diodowym . Na rynku od 2009 -06-01 , autentyczna nowość . System w czterech wersjach wyposażenia i wydajności bronzze , silver, gold, platinium . Standardowym wyposażeniem jest zbiornik, wylewka ceramiczna i mineralizator dolomitowy . System posiada gwarancję wieczystą[...]



[Chiny]Varicose Vein Diode 1470nm laser

Igaalaser is very proud to introduce the new generation of our diode laser system---velas15d 1470nm surgical diode laser system. Why choose the velas15d? The 1470nm wavelength corresponds to a Peakof water absorbtion. Due to the intracellular water of the vein wall and the water contend of blood, the 1470nm laser is ideal for venous diseases. Velas15d offers you the optimum treatment solution in evlt application. With our evlt accessories kit, velas15d could offer you the optimum treatment[...]


[Chiny]Veterinary Laser

Veterinary Therapy Diode Laser Systems Gigaa Diode Laser Veterinarians are worth having GIGAA supplies CHEESE, VELAS and GBOX serials medical diode lasers from 2.5W to 60W with wavelength of 810nm or 980nm, which have been used in many human clinical applications in the world. The practice and education of GIGAA Diode Laser also have been the driving force promoting the growth of laser use in veterinary medicine. During the past few years, however diode lasers have virtually replaces ND: YAG[...]


[Chiny]Mini high power dental Laser System

CHEESE 10w is our best seller because its high performance with competitive price. It's not only limited on dental applications, but also can meet your needs on PLDD, Vascular, ENT, or other surgery applications which can use the output power not higher than 10W With wavelength of 980/810nm, , 17 presets treatments options in software, cheese? Performs perfect clinic effect on dental applications. With advanced technology and key components from famous supplier in the world, cheese? Will help you[...]


[Chiny]Dual Wavelength Therapy Laser

High Power Laser Therapy (Class IV): Depth of Penetration: 7cm (approximately 3 inches 15-75 times deeper than Cold Laser) High Power Laser Therapy can Treat Many More Conditions in Much Less Time with Far Better Results than Cold Laser. Class IV High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) is able to treat all the same conditions that respond well to Cold Laser Therapy including a great many more. Because High Power Lasers are able to penetrate more deeply into body tissues the vast majority of muscles,[...]


[Chiny]High power Gynecology Diode Laser System

60W Gynecology Surgical Diode Laser The VELAS series from GIGAA LASER offer you a multiple choice for your different clinic requirements. Surgical applications require a technology that offers equally effective ablation and coagulation options. Applications: Feto-Fetal Transfusion Syndrome (Twin-to-twin-syndrome) Closure of the pathologic vessels of the placenta with a 980nm laser in non-contact mode Cervical erosion, leukoplakia vulvae, condyloma acuminatum, fallopian tube recanalization,[...]


[Chiny]intraoral camera

1.1/4” Sony CCD 2.USB2.0 Output 3.Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED 4.Manual freezing, image storage automatically 5.Power Supply : None needed, powered through USB cable 6.Full digital function, can be used momentarily, need to be connected with computer 7.Effective Pixels ( HxV ): 1280×960 Accessory: ( Cable *1. Sheath* 50*CF disk*1) mc-02 intra oral camera uses the most advanced producing technology and topping producing test equipments. the core of camera[...]



Dear Purchase Manager, BEAUTIK INSTRUMENTS CO uses only premium-grade, surgical stainless steel in the manufacture of all our Beauty Care instruments. We are supplying following products worldwide Professional Hair Scissors,Thinning Scissors,Nail & Cuticle Scissors, Nail & Cuticle Nippers, Nail & Cuticle Pushers, Nail Cutters Acrylic, Nail Tip Cutters, manicure/Pedicure Kits, Tweezers. Kindly visit for more products information www.beautik.eu BEAUTIK is ISO 9001, FDA and CE[...]


[Pakistan]Cuticle Stork Scissors

Nail Scissors Cuticle Scissors Stork Scissors Cuticle Scissors Made with Premium Grade Surgical Stainless Moreover Arsa Pak Offer custom instrument design. If you require a custom instrument ARSA can make it! 01) Economy Cuticle Scissors 02) Cuticle Scissors Deluxe 03) Cuticle Scissors Professional 04) Nail Scissors Deluxe 05) Toe Nail Scissor 06) Ingrown Toe Nail Scissors 07) Baby Scissor 08) Child Scissors 09) Adult Scissors 10) Embroidery Scissors 11) Stork[...]



Fabric covered plastic headband size:10mm and 20mm colors and pattern prints: according to customer's design packing information for example: 4PC FABRIC HEADBAND WITH LUREX TONES: BRIGHT, PASTEL, NATURAL, SPORTS, BLACK/WHITE. PACKING: 4PC ON/CARD, 12 CARDS/INNER POLYBAG, 72CARDS/MATER CARTON CUFT:0.96 GW(LBS):7.3 PRICE: USD0.25/CARD, FOB CHINA we are professional manufacturer of all kinds of hair accessories. we have series of product lines like Ponytail Holders, Hair Ornaments, Hair[...]


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