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[Chiny]Fully-Automatic Dielectric Strengther Tester,Transformer Oil Tester, T

Fully-Automatic Dielectric Strengther Tester,Transformer Oil Tester, Transformer Oil Tester, BDV Oil Test Set for 0 ~ 80 ~ 100KV IIJ-II series fully automatic oil tester is apply to test the insulating oil's dielectric strength, which is designed as per the requirement of IEC165 Testing Method of Insulation Oil Medium Strength, which via proper programming, has got functions of auto boosting, step down, stirring, display and print out. After breakdown of oil medium, HV break off will operate within[...]


[Hong Kong]4th wheel for gdx1

> SPARES FOR GD > PART NO. :TAV-07.23X57.01 > COMPUTER NO. : - > ITEM NAME : 4th wheel for gdx1[...]


[Chiny]hss step drills

(1) 45 degree & 90 degree hss step drills (2) Shank: (a) Round shank; (b) Hex shank; (c) Three flat shank; (d) Hex quick change shank; (3) Surface: (a) white bright; (b) Titanium coated; (c) Black nitrided; (d) Cobalt coated; (4) Metric size individual step drills: 4 - 12mm x 5 step 4 - 12mm x 9 step 4 - 20mm x 9 step 4 - 22mm x 10 step 4 - 30mm x 14 step 4 - 39mm x 14 step 5 - 35mm x 13 step 6 - 18mm x 7 step 6 - 20mm x 8 step 6 - 24mm x 10 step 6 - 30mm x 13[...]


[Chiny]bi-metal hole saws

1. M3/m42 high speed bi-metal edge welded to alloy steel back for heavy duty cutting; 2.4/6 variable tooth; 3. Cutting safely and efficiently, the best way to cut large holes, clearing the chips in touch materials; 4. Cutting depth to 1-1/2(38mm)and 1-7/8(47mm);5. Diameters from 9/16 -- 8-17/64(14-210mm);6. Can be used in portable electric or pneumatic tools, vertical drill machines, lathe, boring/milling machines and other machine tools; 7. Cuts through stainless steel and other materials[...]



(1) HSS Slotted Taper & Deburring Tools 90 degree 2-5mm 10x45x6mm 5-10mm 14x48x8mm 10-15mm 21x65x10mm 15-20mm 28x85x12mm 20-25mm 35x102x15mm 25-30mm 44x115x15mm 30-35mm 48x127x15mm 35-40mm 53x136x15mm 40-50mm 60x166x20mm (2) HSS 3 Flute Taper and Deburring Countersink 90 degree DIN335C Size x Length x shank 4.3 40mm 4.0mm 4.8 40mm 4.0mm 5.0 40mm 4.0mm 5.3 40mm 4.0mm 5.8 45mm 5.0mm 6.0 45mm 5.0mm 6.3 45mm 5.0mm 7.0 50mm 6.0mm 7.3 50mm 6.0mm 8.0 50mm[...]


[Chiny]bandsaw blade

We can supply M42 Bi-metal bandsaw blades, the teeth are inquiry by customer. 12 x 0.65 19 x 0.90 27 x 0.90 34 x 1.10 41 x 1.27[...]


[Hong Kong]FLANGE

> SPARES FOR HAUNI > PART NO. :U45FA53 > COMPUTER NO. : 3699641 00000 > ITEM NAME : FLANGE[...]


[Chiny]solid carbide end mills

Description: (1) DIN Standard Solid Carbide End Mills & Ball nose end mills; (2) 4(6)Flutes solid carbide end mills for hardness cutting; (3) 2(3)flutes end mills for Aluminum cutting; (4) Micro Solid Carbide End Mills; (5) d4 Shank Solid Carbide End Mills; (6) d6 Shank Solid Carbide End Mills; (7) Solid Carbide Radius Corner End Mills; (8) Solid Carbide End Mills with Taper; (9) Solid Carbide Roughing End Mills; (10) Solid Carbide Double End Mills; All the end mills are TiALN Coated;[...]


[Chiny]tungsten Mechanically Clamped Inserts

This is hicoo tungsten carbide products co。,ltd We can supply quality tungsten Mechanically Clamped Inserts in various kinds of grades and specifications. Type is so many ,for example : type HC2V type HC2C type HC3Atype HC3Ftype HC4Ntype HCCHtype HCZL and so on.[...]


[Chiny]HSS core drills

HSS core drills features for enlarging existing punched or drilled holes, work well in normal steel, castiron, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys[...]


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