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Kategoria: Maszyny i urządzenia -> Maszyny dla przemysłu chemicznego

Kraj: Chiny

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[Chiny]Sell AFG3000 Arbitrary/Function Generator Series

AFG3000 Arbitrary/Function Generator Series Unmatched Performance, Versatility and Ease-of-Use. Today's designs are often complex, demanding a variety of stimulus signals during test. With 12 standard waveforms, arbitrary waveform capability, and signal impairment options, the AFG3000 Series supports a wide range of application needs with one instrument. Best-in-class performance ensures signals are accurately reproduced. A large display and 25 shortcut keys make the AFG3000 Series both easy to[...]


[Chiny]selling casting film machine

NAME: Casting film extrusion line DIE-3000mm wide mouth Duplex-runing system for filter Belgium VERBRUGGEN(Wabailai Root )Oil cold automatic die, ABC Distributor Geermany HAHL( Harrer) Tape-roll,cooling roller United States NDC Huwai Line Thickness Gauge Duplex-automatic coiling machine Hudraulic model car dumping Axis machine for electric Closed-loop regulation coiling tension, and setting more of the tension taper Production quality: no trace, no spot, good plastication. Power supply:[...]


[Chiny]DF In-line Chemical Process Pumps

DF Series, including DFLH Vertical, DFWH Horizontal, DFLPH Vertical Canned Motor and DFWPH Horizontal Canned Motor Pumps, are single-stage single suction centrifugal pumps designed to meet various tough demands in chemical applications. Ideal for delivering corrosive liquids similar to water in terms of viscosity, including organic and non-organic chemicals.[...]


[Chiny]HSU Air-Driven Test Pump

The portable type of hydro-power unit be installed on the band wheel frame, having good versatility. It adopt to convey oil, water and corrosive chemical medium, pressure of them could up to 2310 kgf/cm. Max. working pressure: 6.9 kgf/cm Min. start pressure: 1.7kgf/m[...]


[Chiny]3G Gear Oil Pump

3G Gear Oil Pump Type 3G series are gear pumps designed for oil applications of various temperatures in Petrochemical and Chemical factories, food and cereal processing, metallurgy, power station, building materials. Applicable to heavy oil, fuel, lubricant and similar liquids. Bronze gear, stainless steel pump and explosive proof motor are all available upon request.[...]


[Chiny]Hydraulic press

This vulcanizing machine is used for all kinds of vulcanizing mould, rubber and plastic mould products, and non-mould products. Being a column structure and downward pressing type, the heating plate opens by the self-weight of the heating plate, platform and plunger. The rising of the plunger makes the heating plate close while the hydraulic oil provides the pressure. This engine base is combined together with the cylinder and base frame, which is made of ductile iron to increase the cylinder intensity[...]


[Chiny]Plate Vulcanizer Products (Frame type)

The machine applies to sulfurizing various kinds of rubber and plastic model products as well as non-model products. The machine is in frame structure with below pressing form (upwards). Under the working hydraulic pressure, the embolism ascends to make hot plate close for getting pressure, while the embolism descends (namely hot plate turning on) by deadweight of hot plate, platform and embolism to drive working fluid to fuel reserve tank to achieve the aim of descending (namely turning on). Made[...]


[Chiny]Two-Roll mixing mill B type

Item Type Dia of roll Working length of rolls(mm) Max gap(mm) Roll speed ratio Working linear speed of front roll(m/min) Capacity per. batch (kg) Motor power (kw) Overall dimension(mm) Weigh(kg) X(S)K-360B Ø360mm 900mm 10mm 1:1.25 16.25 20-25 30 2800×1850×1750 6000 X(S)K-400B Ø400mm 1000mm 10mm 1:1.27 20 20-35 45 2900×1900×2070 7500 X(S)K-450B Ø450mm 1200mm 15mm 1:1.27 23.2 25-50 55 3300×1700×2000 10500 The machine is new-type rubber mixing machine with double rollers. Transmission[...]


[Chiny]Rubber extruder

type and spec.             Item. XJ-65 XJ-85 XJ-115 XJ-150 XJ-200 XJ-250 Screw dia.(mm) 65 85 115 150 200 250 L/D 4 4.8 4.8 4.4 4.4 4.5 Screw rolational speed(r/min) 20.27 35.47 27.40 53.72 20~60 27~81 22.4~67.2 19.7~59.1 Motor power(kw) 7.5 17 30 15.3~55 33.3~100 33.3~100 Overall dimensions L×W×H(mm) 1600×675×1053 2050×735×1275 2770×665×1300 3585×814×1470 4549×1140×1750 4950×1150×1483 Capacity (kg/h) 50~80 62~270 100~350[...]


[Chiny]Two-roll mixing mill with stock blender

The machine is new-type rubber mixing machine with double rollers. Transmission gear of speed reducer is assistantly installed within the right frame and main transmission gear is set in the space between base and roller, so the machine occupies less space with compacted structure. It also abolishes foundation bolt and becomes into floating-typed mounted form, installing and moving very conveniently.The machine is mainly applicable to plasticate, mix and hot mix rubber and sheet. The machine,[...]


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