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[Chiny]Solar Panel's CE , TUV IEC 61215 , IEC 61730

Feature’s 1. high quality guarantee using 125/156 mm high conversion efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells. 2. high performance bypass diodes minimize the power drop caused by shade 3. high transmittance, low iron tempered glass; high performance EVA; a weatherproof back sheet and sandblast electrophorus is aluminum frame extend the application of modules greatly 4. 25-year limited warranty on power output and performance(see quality guarantee) 5. sealed, waterproof, multi-functional[...]



We have lots of travertine with high quality class in the stock, if you have the interest, welcome you inquiry to provide you the best price. The sizes are available with following selection: 12'' x 12'' x 3/4''(thickness) 12'' x 24'' x 3/4'' 12'' x 18'' x 3/4'' 18'' x 18'' x 3/4'' 24'' x 24'' x 3/4''[...]



The monument used by high quality stone materials exported to all over the world and win the best reputation.[...]


[Chiny]Vibration Graphite

Vibration Graphite(VSK Series) VSK Series fine grain graphite has an exceptionally homogeneous structure, almost isotropic properties and low ash content. It can be manufactured in large sizes. Further processing, for example impregnation is possible. VSK Series graphite can be used a wide of applications in metallurgical, machinery, electronics, chemical, and so on.[...]


[Chiny]Extruded Graphite

Extruded Graphite EGK Series graphite materials are available as round rods and rectangular blocks, with relatively fine grain size, and have good mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, with low ash content. A preferential grain orientation is their prominent property. Density, mechanical strength and oxidation resistance can be improved by means of further impregnation[...]


[Chiny]Molded Graphite

Molded Graphite Molded graphite materials we supplied are divided into two series: FS Series /FB Series . They have high anisotropy. The materials provide extremely wide characteristics such as mechanical strength, friction and conductivity, which can be further enhanced by impregnation with resins or metals. Special materials can be processed by pressing components directly close to final sizes. The press-to-size-technology reduces the cost of machining in large quantities.[...]


[Chiny]Cylinder of graphite Lubricant

Cylinder of graphite Lubricant Our graphite lubricant rod is manufactured according to International advanced technology and crafts.Which has steady qualities and competitive price.Widely used in self-lubricant board, self-lubricant bearings, fixed-inlay self-lubricant bearings and other industries.With good machine strength, excellent lubricant effect, it is widely used by customers from all over the world. Specifications are according to customer’s requirement.The production is observed seriously[...]


[Chiny]NSH GER Used Oil Regeneration,Oil Recycling,Oil Filtration System

NSH GER Used (oil purifier,oil treatment,oil filtration,oil purification,oil recycling,oil reclamation, oil regeneration,oil restoration,oil filtering,oil filter,oil purifying,oil disposal,oil recovery,waste management,oil reconditioned,oil reconstituted,oil restituting,oil recuperation,oil resumingoil recuperation,oil re-refining,oil reprocessing) Ⅰ. Application NSH GER gas engine oil System is particularly suitable to regenerate internal-combustion engine oil including diesel engine[...]


[Chiny]Isostatic Press graphite

Isostatic Press graphite graphite material is an especially fine grain, dense, isotropic graphite. Isostatic press graphite has many good characteristics such as high strength, excellent thermal shock resistance to high temperature and oxidation, low specific resistance, good anticorrosion, ease of precise machining, high purity, and also have the merits of large size and good isotropy.[...]


[Polska]Kształtki do transformatorów, dławików, spawarek

Wykonujemy kształtki do transformatorów, dławików, spawarek. Wielkości wg. uzgodnień z klientem lub rysunku.[...]


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