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[Chiny]Adapter;sell adapter;buy adapter

Adapter;sell adapter;buy adapter:Yoopower International Enterprise Limited, (www yoopower com), as one of the major FALSH CARDS and SWITCHING POWER SUPPLY manufacturers and distributors in China, is a company specializing in Solid State Disk(SSD),SmartMedia(SM Card),Compact Flash(CFCard),MultiMediaCard(MMC Card),Secure Digital(SDCard),Memory Stick,XD-Picture Card(XD Card),Enclosed Switching Power Supply, Open Frame Switching Power Supply, DC-DC Converters, DC/AC Inverters, Adaptors and so on.[...]


[Chiny]Air conditioner energy saver of apparatus room

A. Sweet Tips a) Central air conditioner energy saver, split air conditioner energy saver, household energy saver produced by our company all have CE certificate. Central air conditioner energy saver SE06F--312&S Split air conditioner energy saver SE08D-049E&S Household energy saver SE08D-050E&S b) The business license clearly states that our company has entitlement to R&D, production, distribution. Therefore, these energy savers are produced by[...]


[Chiny]Geothermal ground-source heat pump

Ground source heat pumps use a buried ground loop which transfers heat from the ground into a building to provide space heating and, in some cases, to pre-heat domestic hot water. HISEER geothermal ground source heat pumps adopt with the following world famous parts: 1.Siemens or Carel controller 2.SWEP or GEA plate type heat exchanger 3.Emersion expansion valve 4.Hitachi scroll compressor 5.Honeywell R410a refrigeration 6.Schneider AC contactor 7.Honeywell 3 way revert valve is optional[...]


[Chiny]Energy saver of pack and window air condition

*New product* A. The main principle The energy saver developed by XINWEILI,is a latest achievement, which can improve power quality and performance, increase the proper power of compressor, and reduce startup current and running current, achieving the purpose of energy-saving. What is more, compared with other control methods of energy saver for air condition, it does not only have any impact on cooling capacity and cooling capacity but also it is more practical. B. Product Features a) Absolutely[...]


[Chiny]Modular ground-source heat pump GSWW60

Ground source heat pumps use a buried ground loop which transfers heat from the ground into a building to provide space heating and, in some cases, to pre-heat domestic hot water. GSWW60 ☆Heating output: 60KW ☆380V/3/50Hz ☆Heating and domestic hot water; ☆Max.64 units can be connected together to get 3840KW heating capacity; Adopt with the following world famous parts: ☆ Siemens or Carel controller ☆ Hitachi scroll compressor; ☆ SWEP or GEA plate heat exchanger; ☆ Emersion[...]


[Chiny]Mini DVR Pen

This amazing functioning pen integrated into a digital video recorder and color video camera. The video is captured and saved in the top portion of the pen, that once separated from the bottom reveals a USB jack for convenient downloading to your PC. The USB connection also charges the internal battery when connected to your PC. The video is stored in an AVI video format which is one of the most supported formats in the industry allowing for convenient viewing on most any modern PC. Specifications:[...]


[Chiny]geophone strings

Ofs is the leading designer and manufacturer of precision geophones and ancillary equipment used in seismic data acquisition for oil and gas exploration and in other industries including security, structural and machine vibration monitoring, mining and construction. Ofs’s range of products and services include: Geophones (velocity transducers) from 1 Hz to 50 Hz natural frequency Plastic, steel, stainless steel, and aluminium geophone cases Fully water-blocked or dry cable from[...]


[Chiny]MMDS Down converter

Integrated Gain 50 dB RF Input Frequency 2500 ~2686 MHz RF Output Frequency 222~408MHz LO Frequency 2278MHz* LO Frequency Stability ± 30 KHz; ± 50 KHz Max Noise Figure 1.7 dB Gain Stability over temp ±2dB VSWR 1.5:1 Phase Noise -85 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz Image Rejection 45 dB Spurious in IF band <=-100 dBm IF Rejection >=75 dB IMD -50 dBc with 31 Channels each 33 dBmV Output Connector F-Type Female, 75 Ohm Supply Voltage 12V to 24V Current 225 mA Operating Temperature -40°C to[...]


[Chiny]Six-unit Rapid Charger for MOTOROLA GP328

Our main products are battery packs, Battery Eliminators, battery charger, earphones, Speaks Microphones, Housing, Carry Cases, Antenna, Programming Test Cable.They are suitable to famous Two-Way Radios, such as MOTOROLA, KENWOOD, Yaesu/VETEX, ICOM, TAIT, KYODO, MAXON, UNIDEN, and so on. Multiple Rapid Charger 6 unit Rapid Charger Output:400mA Fit All Charger model: If you need to discharger,Please push the switch,Then the RED LINE is on,It begins to discharger.[...]


[Chiny]LED washer HL-WL-15W

LED Chip: High-Power Three-Watt LEDs Brightness: 1200lux at 1m 2200lux at 0.5m Beam Angle: 15°, 25°,30°,45°,60° Light Color: RGB / Single-color Color Temperature: / Life Span: 50,000 hours Power Consumption: 24 Watt Voltage: 24VDC/80VAC-260VAC (LED driver) Current: 1.2A Number of LEDs: 5 LEDs Dimensions (Metric Units): L: 500mm x W: 57mm x H: 23mm Housing: Aluminum alloy Protection Rating: IP68 (can be wall mounted or used underwater) Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C[...]


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