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[USA]Plastic Router Bits

Feel The Difference -- It is Plastice !!! Fast Cutting. It will help you to make nice edge on granite. It is very easy to use, and fast. So you can save money and time. We have Patent for this product. And Lot of customer in USA like this. So we can guarantee about quality. Try it Today !!!![...]


[USA]Modular homes plants

We offer a turnkey Modular homes plant to any country in the world. We also have other turn key projects such as OSB plant, Sandwich panels production lines, Tires to Oil equipment,recycling lines and waste to energy plants. Send us your enquiary to[...]


[USA]Lighting Design

After careful study and consideration of every commercial facility we design, our lighting designers choose the appropriate light sources with the appropriate color rendering and output for the appropriate effect we so choose the best for our projects. Our library is equipped with the latest lighting products from dozens of lighting manufacturers worldwide.[...]



The Quake Alarm can wake you up and alert before the moment the quake starts, giving you more time to take cover or tend to other family members. During extensive "live" earthquake testing, the patented Quake Alarm consistently out performed research and development laboratory results. The Quake Alarm can eliminate confusion, save critical seconds and provide peace of mind.[...]


[USA]Construction Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels from the USA -any quantities.[...]


[USA]Construction technologies

We can supply a Modular homes plants,Construction panels -3 types -equipment and panels, Tires to Fuel technology , recycling of Agreecultural waste into the construction boards etc[...]


[USA]Modular homes plant

We can suply turn-Key Modular homess plant using American tecnology. We have other projects in construction and environment fields . Eugene Gore President/CEO Мы говорим по русски ,английски,армянски и других языках[...]


[USA]300 Ton Ederer Gantry Crane

Capacity: 300 Ton Year Built: 1992 Rails Gauge: 23.5M Huh: 18.9M Estimeated Weights: Gantry Assembly (Sub Total) 174,494 Kilograms Main Hoist Trolley Assembly 59,574 Kilograms Aux. Hoist Trolley Assembly 13,756 Kilograms Total of above: 247,823 Kilograms Travel[...]


[USA]Grinding Stone

Ideal for sharpening, deburring and general purpose grinding. CAUTION: MUST BE USED DRY. Do not use on grinders which exceed recommended RPM. Aguard and safety glasses should be used with this product.[...]


[USA]Diamond Dry Turbo Blade

Fast cutting, long life. Many different quality grade you can choose from. Turbo Blades were developed to give the fabricator top-shelf performance that can run with the most expensive brands in the industry at a mid-range cost. Faster and smoother cutting will boost your production and lower your cost.[...]


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