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[Włochy]Digital manifold gauges

Digital manifold gauges for all type of refrigerants[...]


[Włochy]PVC trunking

wide range of pvc trunking and accessories used for air conditioning systems.[...]


[Włochy]Wall brackets

Wide range of wall brackets used for support external unit fo air conditioner. Total weight kg. 140.[...]


[Włochy]biancone di asiago (white asiago)

White italian marble, for floor, indoor, outdoor. Origin from Asiago (vicenza) the same area of rosso asiago[...]


[Włochy]White Carrara C Marble - Arabescato - Calacata

We are able to provide any carrara marble in blocks, slabs and any finished item. The price of 112 Euro refers to 1 ton block of "carrara c" as from the picture. Carrara marble has been famous since the time of ancient Rome; the pantheon and trajan's column in Rome are constructed of it. Many famous sculptures of the renaissance, such as michelangelo's david, were carved from carrara marble. For michelangelo at least, carrara marble was valued above all else.[...]


[Włochy]Prefabricated Modules

The M1Z prefabricated module has been designed to offer an alternative option to the standard modular units available on the market with particular focus on the price. The main specifications of this low cost prefabricated modular unit are the lightness, versatility, easiness and quickness of installation and the low-maintenance requirements.[...]


[Włochy]External Rotor Axial Fans

External rotor axial fans offer characteristics in line with the most demanding operation requirements. The range includes a series of models with impeller diameters from 300 to 550 mm with 4 and/or 6 pole motors, single phase, 230V/50-60Hz, or three phase 230/400V50-60Hz both in sucking and blowing versions, air flows range from 1500 to 7700 m³/h approx. The characteristics of external rotor motors allow minimum axial dimensions while granting optimum performance in terms of air flow, head and[...]


[Włochy]Fan Coil Motors

Single phase, single speed, air over, PSC induction motors for centrifugal blowers for fan coil units. With additional autotransformer a range of up to 7 speeds is attainable. Shafts have 10 mm diameter to reduce friction losses at start-up; they are supported by self-aligning sleeve bearings kept in place by special spiral springs which guarantee optimum alignment between bearings and shaft; the lubricant reserve of the bearings guarantees long, maintenance free, silent operation. Fan wheels having[...]


[Włochy]Rosa Portugal Marble

We are able to supply at a very competitive price sabs of Rosa Portugal. The types of this material are various and you can choose from our selection depending on your price range.[...]


[Włochy]Basaltina - Basalt - Lava Stone Blocks and Slabs

We are able to sell blocks, slabs and any manufactured item made of italian lava stone (Basalt), either from mount Vesuvio or Etna. We can sell as well Basaltina in slabs or any finished product. Basaltina is well know all around the word as a very elegant material for interior design. Thecnical specifications for Vesuvian lava is: Average specific weight:2.658 gr/cmc. Real specific weight:2.856 gr/cmc. Porosity:6.93 % Resistance to medium jam:1642 kg/cmq Resistance to the usury:0,64 Coefficient[...]


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