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[Chiny]Pocket PC manufacturers and suppliers palm computer manufacturers

LCD Display: 7" WVGA wide-screen (800*480 pixels) CPU: VIA WM8505 Operating System: Google Android System 1.6 version( Software upgrade to 2.1) Memory: 256MB Storage: 2GB FLASH/(4GB, add usd$3 more) Card Reader: Support Micro SD Card (maximum capacity of 16GB ) Touch panel: 4-wire RTS Resistive Touch Screen Wireless WiFi: SupportIEEE 802.11b/g Ethernet: Use an RJ45(USB 2.0 Modem:AX88772)convertor for Ethernet External USB 3G Dongle : Modem: Huawei E220/E230/E770/K3565,etc I/O[...]


[Chiny]erasable ballpoint pen,ballpoint pen with eraser

ERASABLE: the special ink of our erasable ball pen can be removed easily with common rubber within 2-4 hours, and erasable effect is beyond 95%. REMAINING: beyond erasable time (4hours), the sign of ink can remain forever and can't be erased. It is the combination of pencil and ballpoint pen. Writing of erasable ballpoint pen is very fluent.[...]


[Chiny]Loofah kitchen cleaning appliance

This product is made physically by use of natural plant fibers loofa sponge, which is biodegradable, natural, and a renewable resource. The product has the following merits as: Not be stained with greasy dirt, not shrink, not deform, not drop wadding, not give off a peculiar smell, not go mouldy, not reproduce bacteria, not harm wares surface. It also has extremely strong water absorbability, oil extractibility and pollution discharge ability. Absorb moister higher than itself eight times. Not[...]


[Chiny]Electric Airless Paint Sprayer

Electric Airless Paint Sprayer ●Rated Voltage 110V/240V~ ●Rated Frequency 50/60HZ ●Rated Input Power 100W ●Flow Volume 260 Ml/Min ●Pondage 1000ML ●Certificate CE GS EMC[...]


[Chiny]Coin-operated massage chairs RT-M02

Coin-operated massage chair( for paper money only) Symmetric six wheels massage unit Comfortable air pressure massage OUR INTELIGENCE ESCORTS YOUR HEALTH AND FUN! FOR PAPER MONEY ONLY Symmetric six wheels massage unit The main points at back are distributed along with the spinal, therefore six wheels massage mechanism with varied massage modes can fully massage the backrest. The backrest moving mechanism between neck and waist performs kneading, tapping, shiatsu and synchronization modes;[...]



Product # A9951A AB527A AB527A 0D1 A7130A A9730A 0D1 A9738B A9738B 0D1 A9777A A9777A 0D1 A7163B A7163B 0D1 A6977AZ B3920EA B3920EA UM9 B3920EA AJR B3920EA 0D1 B3920EA AB2 B9088AC Product # A9951A A7130A A9730A 0D1 A9738B A9738B 0D1 A9777A A9777A 0D1 A7163B A7163B 0D1 A6977AZ B3920EA B3920EA UM9 B3920EA AJR B3920EA 0D1 B3920EA AB2 B9088AC[...]



Qty. Product # Descript_ions 1 AB370A HP rx4640 Base System Solution 1 A6976A Hot swap power supply f 4U chassis 1 A6976A 0D1 Factory integrated 4 A7159A Ita 2 1.3GHz 3MB CPU for HP rx4640 4 A7159A 0D1 Factory integrated 2 A6968A 2GB DDR memory quad (4 x 512MB) 2 A6968A 0D1 Factory integrated 1 A9738B 16DIMM mem carrier board,4U chassis 1 A9738B 0D1 Factory integrated 2 A9897A 73GB 15K HotPlug Ult320 LP disk drv 2 A9897A 0D1 Factory integrated 1 A7163A DVD drive (read[...]


[Chiny]Art Set(Stationery Set)

ItemNo : TP1001(A/B/C) Descripition: 125pcs Art set includes Crayons, water color pens, eraser…. Designs: Many Size: 27.5cm*13cm*14cm Package : 12PCS/1 CTN, CBM: 0.08, NW: 19KGS, GW: 20KGS MOQ : 1000/design[...]


[Chiny]Stationery Set(Art Set)

ItemNo :TP-4003A TP-4003B TP-4003C TP-4003D Descripition: Art set includes Crayons, water color pens, eraser, ruler.…. (Client can order Each one piece of the set)Size: 27.5*9*21cm 27.5*13*14cm 30.5*5.5*21cm 17*17*9cm Package : 12PCS/CTN 12PCS/CTN 20PCS/CTN 24PCS/CTN CBM: 0.08m3 0.071m3 0.075m3 0.078m3 N.W./ G.W.:19kg/20kg 15kg/16kg 15kg/16kg 13.5kg/14.5kg[...]


[Chiny]Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper rolls, thermal paper, thermal register rolls, thermal register paper, cash register paper rolls, thermal cash register paper,POS thermal paper rolls,ATM thermal paper rolls 1) Made of 100% wood pulp, First-class quality, High brightness, good in tightness, convenient and practical 2) High smoothness paper face, with the lowest fray of printing head, printed words very clear and keeping time long 3) Worldwide universal core, handsome and practical (.Plastic core or paper core),[...]


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