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Darmowa bramka SMS
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[Malezja]GSM GPS Car Alarm

GSM GPS Car Alarm WITURA involved in manufacturing of GSM fixed wireless phone. We have our own manufacturing facility located in Shenzhen, China When your car is illegally operated or stolen by theft or robbery, it will report the SMS to you or your friends anywhere in the world immediatelly by the GSM phone network in the car alarm unit, dialling to your phone with the GSM network, without distance restriction. This alarm unit also has the function to locate the car’s position precisely[...]


[Malezja]GSM Car Alarm Upgrade System

GSM Car Alarm Upgrade System When your car is illegally operated or stolen by theft or robbery, it will report the SMS to you or your friends anywhere in the world immediatelly by the GSM phone network in the car alarm unit, dialling to your phone with the GSM network, without distance restriction. - No limited for alarming distance, ramble all over the world - Alarming phone auto-dial directly to your phone at hand - Real-time car inside situation monitoring - Yelling to the attacker[...]


[Malezja]GSM Communicator

The WT 1010 GSM Terminal is the wireless communicator for alarm and fire panels that uses the GSM network to transmit alarms and other panel event. The module checks the status for the PSTN line and in case the PSTN line becomes unavailable, the WT 1010 GSM emulate the line signal to the Panel. At this time, the panel will dial out using the GSM cell phone network to communicate with the receiver at the monitoring station and transmit the alarms FEATURES 1. Panel compatibility - Allows any[...]


[Izrael]ATS100 transmitter

The ATS100 transmitter is the new generation of advanced, high performance, radio Alarm transmitters designed to complement KP'S LARS long range radio alarm systems. Manufactured using the latest SMD technology, the ATS units are synthesized for both VHF and UHF frequencies. There are three options for end-units: 1.Alarm Transmitter for Local Installation Ready-to-mount housing is suitable to most alarm panel manufacturers. Optional ¼-wave antenna and metal flange 2.Housed Radio Alarm[...]


[Izrael]DTRCI5000 – Desktop Radio Communication Interface

A compact, easy-to-install, radio transceiver interface with multifunctional capabilities that complement KP’s radio control monitoring systems and networking equipment. No better way to undertake control and monitoring jobs using cost effective, practical equipment that exceeds the market standards. The DTRCI5000 features and benefits offer reliability and quality in a complete package.[...]


[Izrael]SMR5000-Smart Repeater

Repeaters are essential for expanding the area covered by LARS™ Long-Range Radio Alarm Systems. Repeaters provide the systems with communication infrastructure. Adding repeaters to an existing system is modular and unlimited. In addition to the Store and Forward feature and smart network communication management, Repeaters act as independent units, automatically reporting their status. Status messages sent by the Repeater: Test Low-Battery AC Fail[...]


[Chiny]Home Use Security Burglarproof Alarm System

Home Use GSM Alarm System 1): Model: LJ-898HA. 2): Mobile phone message alarm, easy and accurate. 3): GSM alarm, safe and reliable. 4): Human oriented design, easy to operate. 5): Applicable for the users who seek for the higher burglarproof security requirement. Home Use Wireless Alarm System 1): Model: LJ-898HB. 2): Infrared detection. 3): Wireless cipher receiving. 4): Automatic alarm. 5): Error alarm proof. 6): External power output. Home Use Doorbell Alarm System 1): Model:[...]


[Chiny]Power Window, Smoke Detector, Sensor, Loudspeaker, HID, GPS

Power Window System Specifications: 1): Model: PW-001… 2): Universal power window for 2 doors. 3): Suitable for all vehicle. 4): Low noise design. 5): Motor is made by sino-japan joint venture. 6): The bearing is made of copper alloy. 7): The gear wheel is made of POM plastic. Smoke Detector Specifications: 1.Standby current: 10mA 2.Alarm current: 30mA 3.Temperature range: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius 4.Alarm density: 0.65 to 1.55%FT 5.Alarm volume: 85dB in 3m distance 6.ABS fire-resistant[...]


[Chiny]Remote Control and Parking Sensor and Central Lock and Keyless Entry

Remote Controller Specifications: 1): Model: LJ-063… 2): Suitable for all of the alarm system, especially for the car alarm system. 3): More than 50 kinds design for your specified requirement. 4): One way and two way controller are optional. Welcome inquiry for more info and details. Parking Sensor System Specifications: 1): Model: P-898G… 2): Stage by stage sound alarm. 3): Smart VFD display screen. 4): Sensor style and color are optional. 5): 2/4/6/8 sensors system are optional. 6):[...]


[Chiny]Motorcycle Alarm System

Speaking Motorcycle Alarm System Specifications: 1): Model: LM-898ES 2): Remote in arm and disarm. 3): Car finding and help calling. 4): Remote start engine (Pre-warm the engine). 5): Fix code mode. 6): Voice Remind: Please in arm the alarm.. Turn left, take care please. Turn right, take care please. Safety driving. 7): Working Current: <= 6.5mA 8): Working Frequency: 315 MHz and 433 MHz. One Way Motorcycle Alarm System Specifications: 1): Model: LM-898FS… 2): Remote in arm and[...]


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