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[Polska]pork meat

We offer to sell pork meat. Mainly fresh and frozen pork sides E U R classes, with or without heads, front feet and tails.Min order quantity truckload (20 mt). We can also offer fresh and/or frozen pork cuts (elements)[...]


[Holandia]IQF Doner Kebab Strips

Döner Kebab stripes, a product that lends itself for many applications in various surroundings. • Supplementary product As a supplementary product when using a traditional kebab grill there is no need for investing in an extra grill to offer customers a wider range of kebab products. Off course the stripes are an ultimate replacement for beforehand slicing of spits. This will reduce the costs of labour and energy, also reducing offal at the end of the day. • Assortment addition Making[...]


[Pakistan]sheep casing

we are making sheep casing in tube and also in normal hanks.[...]



One of the most popular types of Company's products is mono-layer artificial thermo-shrinkable polyamide casing produced under Luga-Bar trademark which is intended for manufacture of frankfurters, wieners and mini-sausages. Luga-Bar casing is produced according to up-to-date technology of high-quality raw materials and intended for stuffing on all types of equipment used for forming of small calibers sausage products. Luga-Bar possesses high barrier, physical and mechanical properties, stability[...]


[Ukraina]Luga-Fresh T Kranz

LUGA-FRESH TK KRANZ is five-layer artificial thermo-shrinkable polyamide casing intended for manufacturing of all kinds of boiled, liver, blood sausages and pastes as well as soft cheese in shape of ring or semi-ring. Form of sausages is the same as the form of products packed in natural casings. One of the main advantages of LUGA-FRESH TK KRANZ is higher barrier properties in comparison with natural casing. Range of nominal diameters is 35 - 45 mm. Internal diameter of semi-ring is 115-300 mm depending[...]


[Hong Kong]Chilled Frozen Instant Dim Sum - Chicken Legs & Wings

We choose high quality chicken meat to make our instant food. We got four flavors for you to choose: Soya, Honey, Black Pepper and Salted. Wah Yuen Instant Food - Save Time, Good Taste! * We also offer other convenient food and dim sum for your selection[...]


[Polska]flaki wołowe krojone mrożone

W swojej ofercie posoadamy flaki wołowe , wstępnie gotowane, krojone, i pakowane po 1 kg a także w taflach po 10 kg. Najwyższa jakość i atrakcyjna cena[...]



Beef, pork, lamb, goat, chicken, ostrich.[...]


[Mołdawia]frozen chicken

We are pleased to offer you Halal Certified Frozen Chicken : Grade A standard AGE OF CHICKEN 15 - 30 days minimum at time of slaughter PRODUCT USE: For human consumption COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Moldova SPECIFICATION: 1. Halal Certified Frozen Whole Chicken : Grade A standard Individual Wrapped Packed .(external shrink pack) . Size of the chickens: The sizes are distributed according to the following order and weights[...]


[Węgry]frozen chicken

we are direct exporters of frozen chicken of all parts , such as chicken wings, halal, legs, etc. please contact us for any more details/[...]


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