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Kraj: Korea Południowa

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[Korea Południowa]Hangover-terminating Energy Drink, Wild Natural

CHEERS, firstly conceptuated and biologically engineered Herb Energy Drink becomes available worldwide, to protect drinkers by remarkably decreasing alcohol concentration level in blood, promoting alcohol metabolism and discharging the wasted toxic byproducts through respiratory and digestive tracts and secretions. It not only simply prevents or cure hangover symptoms but also alleviate alcoholic liver tissue injury and conclusively contribute to protect the liver from various dysfunctions and diseases[...]


[Korea Południowa]Lifestyle NATURAL ENERGY DRINK, filled with Fun & Energy

Influenced by the wellbeing wave of the century, modern consumers are turning their attention to healthier drink that does not have negative side effects and getting more and more enthusiastic to natural drinks filled with fun and energy, contributing to health and Well Being at the same time. CHEERS Drink is the unique creature of the century, as a kind of Powerful Energy Drink in a sense but also as a WELLBEING natural health tonic leading the trend of modern healthy lifestyle. It does not contain[...]


[Korea Południowa]Lifestyle Health Tonic & Natural Energy Drink

The formula is based on a mythical Oriental recipe composed basically of natural ingredients. Persons may consume the product not only when drinking, but also as a refreshing tea beverage at any time one may feel to need that extra energy. The difference is appreciated in short term bringing an invigorating sensation to the consumers. Its natural contents allow CHEERS to be used as a natural dietary supplement substituting or alternating with other diet drinks, but without the high chemical content[...]


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