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[Czech Republic]Presses, press automation and press dies

Press dies (stamping and drawing dies) with larger dimensions for automotive and household appliances[...]


[China]CNC Centerless Grinder

Cost-effective middle end grinder Working Accuracy: 0.75 um roundness, 0.08 um surface finishness; Cylindricity 2 um Servo motor variable speed control from 13 to 320 RPM can be used to adjust the ideal linear speed. When diameter of regulating wheel changes the same linear speed can still be maintained. The grinding and regulating wheel spindles are made of high quality alloy steel, case-hardened and carborizedj with HRC62'above surface hardness, which are perfect for intensive grinding at high[...]


[Czech Republic]Wire/ tube bending and tube endforming machines

Wire and tube bending machines. Wire bending machines with NC or CNC, for wire diameter 1-30 mm cold forming, for different applications like automotive,heating elements, general wire products, mostly for serial production. Tube bending machines for dia 6-135 mm, NC or CNC, mostly for automotive, furniture,househol appliances and other serial production. Tube end-forming machines.[...]


[China]CNC Lathe (CLK6430/ CLK6440/ CLK6140H/ CLK6140S/ CK6415/ CK6415A)

CNC Lathe(CLK6430/CLK6440/CLK6140H/CLK6140S/CK6415/CK6415A) Specification Unit CLK6430 CLK6440 CLK6140H CLK6140S CK6415 CK6415A Max. swing over bed mm 300 540 400 540 300 300 Max. swing over carriage mm 200 270 230 270 150 150 Max. working length mm 220 235 500 600 150 150 Travel for X axis mm 170 245 220 245 300 300 Travel for Z axis mm 260 275 500 660 300 300 Positioning accuracy mm 0.016/0.02 0.012 0.016/0.2 0.012 0.016/0.02 0.016/0.02 Repostioning accuracy mm 0.007/0.008 0.006 0.007/0.008 0.006 0.007/0.008 0.007/0.008 Rapid[...]


[China]Column bandsaws --- G4265

Type: G4265 (with the feeding roller type) Max.cutting/sawing capacity (mm): Round material --- 650 Square material ---- 650*650 Process speed (m/min): 20-80 (step speed change) Saw blade specification (mm): 41*1.25*6860 Total power of machine tool (kw): 7.775 Working clamping method: Hydraulic Saw blade tensioning form: Hydraulic Weight: 2900 kg Size (LxWxH): 3260*1700*2180 mm Packing size: 3450*2300*1800 mm ---------------------------------- Type: G4265 (with the feeding table[...]


[China]plastic sheet extruding machinery

The sheet extrusion line is applied to various plastic sheet machining of PP, PS, PE, PC, PMMA, PET, ABS etc. The company has experienced technical staff, according to customer requirements, We can offer a set of service from product design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning, personnel training and other services. Plastic sheet extrusion line Description We can provide the plastic sheet extrusion line. The sheet extrusion line is applied to various plastic sheet machining of[...]


[China]Economical Type CNC Lathe(CLK6130E, CLK6130H, CLK6136A, CLK6140D)

Economical Type CNC Lathe(CLK6130E, CLK6130H, CLK6136A, CLK6140D) Specification Unit CLK6130E CLK6130H CLK6136A CLK6140D Max. swing over bed mm 300 300 360 400 Max. swing over carriage mm 100 100 140 150 Max. workpiece length mm 350/600 350/600 620/870 550 Max. length between two centers mm 500/750 500/750 750/1000 750 Travel fro X/Z axis mm 165/350 165/350 250/550 or 800 220/550 Spindle bore mm 34 34 58/52 52 Spindle nose taper M.T.5 M.T.5 M.T.6 M.T.6 Distance between spindle center[...]


[Germany]Automat tokarski Boley BDA-H z roku 1986

tylko ok. 5200 godz. pracy, przelot wrzeciona 22 mm, sterowanie koleczkowe[...]


[China]Precision High-speed Gap-bed Lathe (LUNAN-1640, LUNAN-1660)

Features: 1. Bed is made of high tensile cast iron by resin-sand foundary. 2. Bedways, gears and shafts are hardened and ground. 3. Apron, leadscrew, feed rod and starting lever are equipped with safety devices. 4. Universal gear box without change gear for metric/inch threading. 5. Spindle jog button, easy for change speeds. 6. Foot brake for instant headstock stopping and shuting off. 7. Protection systems to meeet CE standards. 8. T-slots on cross slide for special machining. 9. Metric/Inch[...]


[China]EPS Automatic Vacuum Shape Molding

1) Use PLC programmable controller and touch screen to finish the auto-cycle process of opening-closing mold, feeding, heating, heat preservation, cooling, demolding and releasing. 2) According to different products wanted, choose different feeding methods such as common, pressure and vacuum to ensure feeding speed and uniformity. 3) Hydraulic system used in the machine can save 30% energy. Its operation and locking molds are used by the main and auxiliary cylinder respectively. 4) Use digital[...]