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[Poland]Mleko w proszku pełne i odtłuszczone

W swojej ofercie posiadamy mleko w proszku pełne oraz mleko w proszku odtłuszczone. Zastosowanie: - przemysł spożywczy[...]



Old Amsterdam is a ripen gouda with rich and strong taste. Its perfect aroma is a result of regular controls, which are conducts to receive an up-market cheese. The Old Amsterdam was given a “Premier Grand Cru Classe” prize for the best ripen gouda. The Old Amsterdam tastes great either itself without any additions or like an ingredient of warm dishes. Be to our clients’ satisfaction, we offer The Old Amsterdam cheese in quarters 2,5kg, slices 150g, grated cheese 80g and pieces 250g. The[...]



It is a very appreciated by the personality of this cheese. in addition to milk, talk about more than any other remote regions and ancestral forms of life. Raw milk offers flavors more intense and personality. Although experts argue that all cheeses are good, pasteurized milk tastes as resounding no. Milk and curd cheese marked differences between artisan and industrial one. - Artisan Manchego Cheese (Made with raw sheep's milk Manchego). - Toledo artisan cheese (made from raw sheep's milk and goat).[...]


[Poland]Ser Mozzarella

Mamy przyjemność zaprosić Państwa do współpracy w zakresie sprzedaży naszych renomowanych wyrobów, serów typu: -mozzarella kulka (100g) w zalewie solankowej- 16,05 zł. Brutto/kg; -mozzarella wiórki- 12,73 zł. Brutto/kg; -sandwich mozzarella (doskonała do tostów i kanapek)- 14,98 zł. Brutto/kg; -mozzarella pizza- 12,84 zł. Brutto/kg.[...]


[Hungary]Full Cream Milk Powder

Full cream milk powder Product Type: Milk Powder Type: Fat Filled Milk Powder Age Group: Adults,Children,Old-Aged Full cream milk powder 100% made from high quality fresh cow milk Product′s use: a.edible directly b.add in the production of all kinds of solid or liquid food like candy, ice cream, cake, beverage and so on Manufacture: Obtained by the spray method Appearance: Uniform Specification Full Cream Milk Powder 1.100% fresh milk spray dry powder 2.Additive free 3.Antibiotic[...]


[Poland]milk powder, butter

we offer to sell: milk powders: -full cream milk powder 26% fat - skimmed milk powder 1,25, 1, 5% fat - buuter non-salted Please send your request for quotation. Best regards. Joseph[...]


[Russian Federation]Condense Milk

Our company sell Condense Milk: sweeten and unsweeten. Ask us for more details[...]


[Russian Federation]Milk powder

Our Russian-Ukraine company sell Milk powder of 1,25%; 1,5%; 25-26%; 27% of fat. Packing: 1.25 kg. Bags 2.200-250-400-850-900 gr. AlFoil sachets[...]



Avaialble rennets: Animal: from kid goat, lamb and calf our rennet is available in powder (pw), liquid (l) and paste (pa) and tablets (ta). Non-animal: microbial and pure chymosin. Available pw and l. Our rennets are available in a wide range of concentration.[...]


[Poland]Serwatka w proszku zwykła i demineralizowana

Serwatka w proszku zwykła i demineralizowana. Zastosowanie: Przemysł cukierniczy i piekarniczy[...]