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Teycomur Maquinaria, S.L.

[Spain]Ferlo 6 basket Autoclave

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Technical details

Diametre: 1380 mm
Manufacture year:2005
Number of baskets:6
Production capacity:6 baskets

Ferlo Static Autoclave sterilization system by heating and cooling through water sprays.

This autoclave is indicated for products that do not need movement during their sterilization process.
Built in stainless steel AISI - 304L thickness: 6-10 mm.


- Maximum work temperature: 150 ºC.

- Maximum work pressure: 5 bar.

- Capacity: 6 baskets.

- Machinery built in compliance with CE regulations.

- The heating and cooling of the product is done by means of recirculating water sprays.

- The water passes by means of a pump through a plate interchanger where it is heated indirectly.

- The heating and cooling of the water which is used in all the cycles of the process, is made by means of the plate heat exchanger with steam or cold water.

- Autoclave equipped with process automation monitor of the brand Allen Bradley.

Suitable for Tinned vegetables, pastas, precooked food, juices and beverages, meat products, pâtés, canned fruits canned fish.

Average Autoclave consumption:

No. of Cages: 6

Required Steam Pressure (kg/ cm2): 6 kg/cm2

Required Water Pressuer (kg/cm2): 4 kg/cm2

Required Air Pressure (kg/ cm2) : 6 kg/cm2

Steam at beginning of heating (kg/h) : 1150-1200

Steam during process (kg /h):350-400

) Cooling Water per cycle (litre/ cycle): 6000

Process Water (litre):965

Air at extreme (litre / min) at beginning of cooling cycle: 300 - 350

Electrical consumption (at 50Hz):11 kW
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:8009
Place of origin:Spain
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Delivery time:30 days


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