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[Chiny]Goodyear Lightweight Conveyor Belt General Purpose Belts

Goodyear Lightweight Conveyor Belt General Purpose Belts PVC 150S1 EBb Technical Data Imperial Metric Working Tension 150 PIW 26 KN/M Number Of Plies 1 1 Fabric Type Spun Poly Spun Poly Top Surface Eclipse Eclipse Bottom Surface Brushed Brushed Overall Gauge (Approximate) 0.255 in. 6.5 mm Weight (Approximate) 1.22 lbs/sq.ft. 5.9 kg/s q.m. Bottom Coefficient Of Friction 0.25 (approx.) 0.25 (approx.) Minimum Rec. Pulley Diameters 2.5 in. 64 mm Elongation At[...]


[Chiny]Goodyear Lightweight Conveyor Belt Recycling Belts

Goodyear Lightweight Conveyor Belt Recycling Belts PVC 150T1 NBb Technical Data: Imperial Metric Working Tension 150 PIW 27 KN/M Number Of Plies 1 1 Fabric Type Triple-Warp Triple-Warp Top Surface Satin Satin Bottom Surface Brushed Brushed Overall Gauge (Approximate) .205 in. 5.2 mm Weight (Approximate) 1.08 lbs/sq.ft. 5.5 kg/sq.m. Bottom Coefficient Of Friction 0.24 (approx.) 0.24 (approx.) Minimum Rec. Pulley Diameters 4.0 in. 102 mm Elongation At Rated[...]


[Bułgaria]Used welding machinery

We have for sale all types of new and used Welding machines such as Plasma Cutters, Gas profile cutter, Cutting machines, flame cutter, CNC profile cutting machines, Hydefinition plasma, Pipe Rotators, Positioning equipment, Welding lathes, Column and Boom welders, Manipulators, Turning Rolls, Welding Positioner, Boom Welder, Seam Welder, TIG welder, MIG welder, Welding Headstocks, Robotic welders, Submerged Arc tractor, Arc Welder, Automation equipment, Fume Extractor, Orbital welders, Circumferential[...]


[Chile]Cement bag making plant fertilizer bag machinery feed bag equipment

The machine is a kind of equipment to produce circular cylinder woven of PP or PE plastic flat yarn. The 4-shuttle and 6-shuttle circular loom can weave woven bags of all specification. Our circular loom has a long history and particular technics. After continual innovation, we have acquired many country patent, such as No. ZL00244258.2, ZL01227633.2, ZL99219360.5, ZL99206601.8. And the new type 6-shuttle loom has obtained a patent which has its honor to have gained a World Invention Golden[...]


[Chiny]Aurora SH-44 bright led torch with high lumens SST-50 bulb

SH-44: Components: 1 x body 1 x tactical button switch tailcap with lanyard 1x 18650 lithium rechargeable battery Features: -Features a SST-50 LED lamp - Candle function, it can stand up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle - Aerospace-grade Aluminum body, HA II Military grade hard anodized in black Features: Main Features for SH-44 led flashlight: SH-44 led flashlight Batteries•Batteries are not included •1x 18650 Lithium Battery Size(mm)•183(Length) x 46.7[...]


[Chiny]Fully Auto Veritcal Cutting Machine

Main Use: This machine is designed with a stationary working table and motorized movable cutter. The foam blocks are placed between both slide fences. The cutter is drived by metal-band and moved reciprocating on the track. It is mostly used for foam blocks vertical cutting and synchronously cutting all kinds of EVA and pearl rubber. This machine adopts inverter timing controlled system. Its automatization level is high, the cutting is accurate and the operation is safe. Major Technical[...]


[Chiny]Vertical Panel Saw

The vertical Panel Saw is designed for high production and tight tolerance cutting. It adopts hard alloy blades and tools, featuring superb high-speed balance performance, high processing precision and durability, saving time and energy. Blade grooving depth can be adjusted steplessly from 0 to 10mm. The traveling beam allows the operator to leave the panel stationary while the cutting blade moves both horizontally and vertically. It is capable of grooving and cutting, capable of horizontal and vertical[...]


[Chiny]Hydraulic Press Brake (bending machine)

Specifications: WC67Y series bending machine are steel-welded construction, vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength and good rigidity. Hydraulic top-drive, steadiness and reliability. Mechanical stop, steel torsion bar to maintain synchronization, high precision. Motorized-adjusting device of backgauge and rames stroke, fine adusting by handwheel, numerical display. Deflection compensation unit installed on the top die. Manual crowned bottom die holder is adopted for the machine[...]


[Chiny]Shearing Machine

All steel welded structure, vibrating treatment of ageing for removal of internal stress, with good rigidity and stability. Integrated hydraulic transmission system, with good reliability. Triple support rolling guide rail to eliminate gaps of support and enhance shearing quality. Mechanical rear stopper with manual fine tuning, and digital indication. Clearance in between shearing blades adjusted by hand wheel to be quick, accuate and convenient. Rectangular blades with four cutting edges[...]


[Chiny]Injection screw

Injection screw 1.Spec:250-320000KN Mould clamping force 15-25000g Injecting capacity Diameter of screw Ф18mm-250mm 2.Different head can be choosed for screw and corresponding gush hole can be choosed for barrel.[...]


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