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[Chiny]Granita ice cream machine HM28S

Power : 220V-380V,50-60HZ Refrigerant : R22 or R404 Size : 530x750x750mm Condenser Cooling: air /water Capability: 80L/H Cylinder Capability:15L Size : 550x700x1420mm 1. Streamline luxurious outward appearance 2.Durable stainless steel outer panel 3.Unique cylinder & stirrer shaft 4.Adopt high-efficient Aspera/Tecumseh/Frigeast compressor and high-grade Danfoss expansion valve 5.Intelligent full-computerized control system with electronic consistency control. 6.Production time[...]


[Chiny]Sugar Cane Juice Machine ZJ170

Main Power: 220V, /110V, 50Hz/60Hz Rate Power: 1. 1 KW Function : the machine have chiller in side that keep juice fresh The roller can easy to take out to clear Roller can turn and back . Roller use material 100% stainless steel Refrigerant: R134a Overall Dimensions: 1120 X 1020 X 950 mm Packing Dimensions: 1200 X 1100 X 1020 mm Net Weight: 340 kgs Packing: 1 unit/case 1. it can keep the juice fresh and cooling , when you drink that is specail taste than other put ice . 2. it[...]


[Chiny]popsicle machine HM-PM-05

1) Main Power: 220V, 50Hz/60Hz 2) Refrigerant: R22/R404a 3) Cooling type: Air 4) Daily output: 5000pcs 5) Function : one machine can produce : popsicle and ice block 6) Overall Dimensions: 860 x 775 x 1175 mm 7) Packing Dimensions: 900 x 975 x 1730 mm 8) Net Weight: 155 kgs 9) Packing: 1 unit/case 1. The machine is built of luxury outward appearance and easy operation and low cost of maintenance. 2.inside material tank made in purity stainless steel that can resist hydrochloric acid[...]


[Chiny]Biscuit production line

Multi-Function Biscuit Production Line Series: The series include 620, 800, 1000 and 1200 type. The line can make hard, soft biscuit and cracker. Full automatic line, many shemes are selectable for deferent requirement of working condition. Among 200~1500kg/h productivity scope, we can program the full project. Different layout of whole line according to the existent workroom. Based on your fuel supply and product's specialty, Direct gas-fired oven or indirect gas oven or electric oven[...]


[Chiny]Milk Shake/Razzle Blender/Blizzard HM23

Milk Shake/Razzle Blender/Blizzard HM23 Features simple to use easy to clear safety for user Permanent agitator Blending the mix with your soft ice cream is quick and easy . A Separate agitator is available for hand dipped ice cream . DIY ice cream that can base on the client to choose different candy ,juice and fruit to Razzle blender made special ice cream base on your flavor . Operation Dispense your soft ice cream directly into the cup ,add the desired candy ,juice or fruit attach[...]


[Chiny]Water purifying equipment with Reverse Osmotic systems

water purifying equipments with Reverse osmotic systems 5m³/h Two-grade full automatic RO water purification system configuration I. basis of the design 1. Original water—according to the water report of client 2. technical index of water producing: 1)capacity:one-grade: 7m³/h Two-grade: 5m³/h 2)quality of the purified water:it meets the drinking water sanitary of the bottled water standard of republic of china. 3)utilization ratio of water:50-75% 3[...]


[Chiny]wafer stick machine

This model HWB2/2 wafer stick machine is a domestic new-generation and fully-automatic production line, to produce hollow wafer stick or filler single color r dual-color wafer stick or mini filled pillow wafer stick. The product equipments consists of slurry mixer, baking machine, slurry feeding machine, core filling machine, cooling conveyor and ball mill. Specification: Drum diameter: 2000mm Gas consumption: 4kg/h LPG Electric power: 10kw Capacity: hollow products 25~30kg/h, filled products[...]


[Chiny]wafer biscuit production line

We can supply wafer biscuit processing line, it is designed according to the advanced experience of the same machines international. According to client’s requirement, economy/standard or luxury line can customize for you. Capacity scope: 27, 39, 45, 51, 65 and 72 plates. The total line is composed of batter mixer, automatic wafer electric or gas baking machine, wafer sheet arch or linear cooler, spreading machines and booking machine, Vertical Wafer Cooler, cutting machine, cream mixer and[...]


[Chiny]Ice Cream Machine HM836

Flavour: 2+mixed Main Power: 220V, 50/60Hz Function : pre-cooling system , mixer , air pump , counter ,pasteurism For you to choose . Rate Power: 3.5 KW Refrigerant: R22 / R404A Tank Capacity: 12L x 2 Hourly Production: 45-50L Overall Dimensions: 540 x 780 x 1490 (mm) Packing Dimensions: 705 x 900 x 1600 (mm) Net Weight: 205.10 kg Packing: 1 unit/case[...]


[Chiny]Rotary Head Extruder

Twist Process Technology to Get Special Crunchy Taste Delicate Design, Accurate Adjust and Control Brass Material Twist Parts, High Abrasion Resistance Vibratory Feeding to make corn grits even and smoothly into the barrel[...]


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