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[Chiny]Dehydrated / dried garlic granules

1 Color :Nice light yellow. 2 Size:8-16mesh=1.25-2.5 mm. 16-26mesh=0.71-1.25mm 26-40mesh=0.45-0.71mm 40-60mesh=0.28-0.45mm 3 Moisture: 6%max 4 SO2 content: less than 30ppm .,no impurity. 5 Packing : Inner packing:2 x 12.5kg/aluminum foil bag. Outer packing:25kg/carton,or packed as buyers option.[...]


[Chiny]Dehydrated/Dried red chillis/ Peppers

1 Size: 3cm-5cm; 5cm-7cm; 7cm-9cm; 9cm-12cm. 2 Stem and seeds: with and without. 3 Moisture: 14Max. 4 Aflatoxin: Free. 5 Packing: 10kgs/vacuum bag, 2x10kgs/woven bag, 20kg/jute bag.[...]


[Chiny]Organic fresh peeled garlic cloves

Our company specialized in peeled garlic (garlic cloves,garlic segments),and the quality up to export standard,if you have interest please feel free to contact me, your interest will be honored . Our factory and farms have been certified by ECOCERT JAS and NOP,so we could supply organic vegetables. Specification as the following: 1 Size: A 80---160grains/kg L : 160—240grains/kg M : 240—360grains/kg S : 360—550grains/kg 2 Package: 500g/plastic bag; 1kg/plastic bag;[...]


[Chiny]Organic fresh garlic

1 Variety: Normal white garlic ; Pure white garlic. Size 2 Size: 4cm and up;4.5cm and up;5cm and up;5.5cm and up; 6cm and up;6.cm and up;6.5cm and up;7cm and up. 3 Supply period: all the year round Fresh garlic: early June to September Cold storing garlic: September to the next May 4 Packing: (1) Loose packing: 10kg/carton; 20kg/carton; 10kg/mesh bag; 20kg/mesh bag. (2) Small packing: A: 1kg/bag; 1kg x 10 bags/carton B: 500g/bag; 500g x 20bags/carton C:[...]


[Włochy]Baby Leaf products, spinach, baby green and red, corn salad

Rago has about 150 hectares of growing fields, approximately 90% under tunnel. We are probably one of the best organized, cleanest well run facilities in southern Europe. For over 114 years Rago has strived to be a leader in agriculture. We are constantly improving the quality of our baby leaf products and other products and testing new varieties. Our agronomist are well known and respected. Our lead agronomist is a chief researcher at one of Italy’s leading agriculture research center. We[...]


[Chiny]Frozen cooked green soybeans

Now, we can offer the frozen edamame(soybeans). Variety: Green 75 Size:2 seeds up per pod (155-175pcs/500g) Packing:10kgx1bag/carton or 1lbx30bag We export this product to USA, Japan, Korea,and Europe market every year. If you are interested in this product, please contact me.[...]


[Polska]Bean Jaś

Bean Jaś he be hulle drunner's grain.It descends from Central America. Bean's dry grain be designed to consumption and processing.It be characterizes with white colour,special natural scent it flying with mustiness and mould. Bean's designed to sale grains are clean,healthy,well educated,without dirt about moisture to 18%. Bean contain peck proteins,it is rich in vitamin from group mainly B and mineral salts.[...]


[Polska]Small bean

Small bean is usual bean's grain.She be designed to consumption and processing.It steps out changes: -bean small Igołomska -bean small Bomba -bean small Aura -bean small Perełka Small bean delives many vitamins of,iron,of potassium,folic acid,absorption amino acids facilitates as well as it is easily assimilable through organism. Small bean's seeds are clean,healthy,educated about white colour and natural scent well.[...]


[Chiny]garlic granules

Garlic Granules Size:5-10mesh,8-16mesh,16-26mesh,26-40mesh,20-40mesh,40-60mesh,40-80mesh Packing:2x12.5kg/foil bag/carton;1kg/bag*12,2.5kg/bag*6 Garlic flakes Specification: Export grade 1ST, Export grade 2ND Packing: 20kg/ctn, with double plastic bags inside Garlic Powder Size:100-120mesh Packing:2x12.5kg/foil bag/carton;1kg/bag*12,2.5kg/bag*6 We can also supply the items according to clients' requirements If you are interested in any item above mentioned, pls notice us. We[...]



Chilli 1.2009 new crop 2.moisture:below 16% 3.spot:17%max 4.packing:mesh bag,vacuum bag,pressed bag,cartons and small bags we can supply dried whole chilli without stem/with stem. Chilli,chili,prepper,paprika,tianying chilli,chaotian chili,yidu chilli,jinta chilli,american red chilli,dried chilli ,red chilli,hot chilli,hot pepper,red pepper,dried pepper,dried sweet chilli,chilli powder,pepper powder,chilli crush,chilli flake,pepper crush,pepper flake,chilli seeds,pepper seeds[...]


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