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Leek caliber 30/40 in carton or wood, import- France, Belgium. Quality perfect. We invite you to co-operation.[...]



Leek caliber 30/40 import- France, Belgium in carton or wood. Quality perfect. We invite you to co-operation.[...]



Asparagus: white violet trug +12+16+22 7,5kg[...]



Products:Garlic [Order] Model:NO 2 Material:-- Size:4-7cm up Class:Vegetable About this product: Features:1) Products available: normal white garlic, pure white garlic2) Supply period: all the year round3) Cold storage season: September to next June4) Process: peeled, dehydrated, salted, frozen (in small/big package)5) Supply capacity: 38,000MT/year6) Excellent quality7) Variety: Normal white garlic, pure white garlic8) Size: 4cm up/4.5cm up/5.0cm up/5.5cm up/6.0cm up/6.5cm up/7.0cm[...]



The potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a perennial plant of the Solanaceae, or nightshade, family, commonly grown for its starchy tuber. Potatoes are the world's most widely grown tuber crop, and the fourth largest crop in terms of fresh produce (after rice, wheat, and maize), but this ranking is inflated due to the high water content of fresh potatoes relative to that of other crops. The potato originated somewhere in south west South America, probably Peru or Chile.[citation needed] Potatoes are important[...]


[Nigeria]Red Onion

Onion in the general sense can be used for any plant in the genus Allium but used without qualifiers usually means Allium cepa, also called the garden onion. Onions (usually but not exclusively the bulbs) are edible with a distinctive strong flavour and pungent odour which is mellowed and sweetened by cooking. They generally have a papery outer skin over a fleshy, layered inner core. Used worldwide for culinary purposes, they come in a wide variety of forms and colours. Onions may be grown from[...]



New on the market!!! Special packaging of vegetables- small and comfortable. We have onions and potatoes in 1,2,2.5 kg special bags, but of course other vegetables. WE invite o co-operation.[...]



We can export peanut kernel:35-60p/100g;peanut in shell:9-11;11-13 Packing: 25kg vacuum bags or bags or carton[...]



Egyptian Garlic offer Commodity : Garlic premium Origin : Egyptian Bulb Size : 55-60mm Packing : in export carton 10kg Pallets per reefer: 20 pallets – each pallet 100 carton Incoterm : F.O.B Port of delivery : any Egyptian port Mode of shipment : by container Delivery time : immediately[...]



ARTICHOKE OFFER Brand trade : Ceti artichoke Origin : The delta region of Egypt Quality : French type artichoke : Local type artichoke Packing : 12 p in carton 24 p in wooden crate specification : long or short stalk as client request Incoterm : F.O.B Container : About 15 tons 20' feet Or small order by air Shipment : December to April Loading : Any Egyptian port[...]


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