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[Ukraina]Вермишель длинная.

Компания ОАО «Макаронная фабрика», один из крупнейших производителей макаронных изделий на Украине, приглашает Вас к взаимовыгодному сотрудничеству по реализации нашей продукции в Вашем регионе. С ассортиментом продукцией Вы можете ознакомиться на сайте нашей компании.[...]


[Kamerun]Cashew Nuts

Produce high quality Cashew nuts kernel: W320, W240, W450, LBW, LP, WS, SW...at competitive price and prompt shipment Raw Cashew Nuts. These products are organically processed in hygienic conditions without using any chemicals or pesticides. It is highly enriched in protein, antioxidants, nutrients and minerals that include iron, selenium, zinc and photochemical. Post production, our quality inspection team checks these nuts on different grounds of the industry to ensure their optimum quality.[...]


[Kamerun]Hazel nuts

Hazelnuts,Almond,Apricot Kernel,Betel Nuts,Cashew Nuts,Chest Nuts,Ginkgo Nuts,Peanuts,Macadamia Nuts etc we are leading manufacturing and suppliers of Nuts in Cameroon . Our product are in a grade 1 standard so we assure all our buyers that we are very ready to supply to their standard. so please if any interested buyers should please contact us for more details.[...]


[Kamerun]Nutmeg with shell and Nutmeg without shell

Is used as spices. We can supply Nutmeg with shell and Nutmeg without shell. Nutmeg: 1.Current crop,high quality,large quantity in store 2.Moisture: 10% max 3.Impurity: 1%max 4.25 Kgs/ p.p.Bag packing Producters introduce: Nutmeg Oleoresin is a light yellow to orange viscous liquid, leached from Nutmeg fruits, with the characteristics aroma and flavor of nutmeg. It is widely used in pharmaceutial, health care food produces, daily chemicals, flavors and fragrances industries ect. It[...]


[Włochy]Canuti: FROZEN FILLED GNOCCHI (frozen pasta, fresh frozen pasta, itali

A Great alternative to the traditional Gnocchi, 3 different itams with Tirolese Filling, Cheese filling and Porcini Mushroom filling.[...]


[Wietnam]selling foodstuff as ricepaper, rice-vermicelli, sesame-cake, sesame-candy

Dear valued customer, Please be introduced ourselves as manufacturer of foodstuff in Vietnam. Our products as follows : ricepaper, rice-vermicelli, sesame-candy, sesame-cake, rice-crackers... We have factory of 2,000 square meters which can supply 200 MTS per month. Our main market : USA, Laos,Thailand,France,Australia. For quotations (products photos enclosed), please contact us Thank you.[...]



ingredients: soft-wheat flour, durum-wheat sdemolina, eggs. we have a variuos kind of string pasta: buckwheat tagliatelle, fettuccine, fettuccine black with real squid-ink, whole-wheat fettuccine, pappardelle, spelt pappardelle, tagliolini, tagliolini black with real squid-ink, spaghetti alla chitarra, spaghetti alla chitarra of kamut.[...]


[Włochy]Italian pasta and noodles

We are one of the greater italian producing companies of nutritional pastes of high quality. We have a vast line of all type of pasta to satisfy any type with taste and necessity (long and short pasta made of durum wheat flour), of quality and prices. In this moment we are looking for commercial operators interested in import/distribution this products. In this sense we would wish to evaluate the collaboration possibilities that can be created between us. If any notice is necessary[...]


[Włochy]Long Shape Pasta

Long Shape Pasta - 100 per 100 Durum Wheat Semolina.[...]


[Chiny]instant Lanzhou Noodles

Lanzhou Noodle feature: 1.Noodle in bag/bowl/vip box/barrel 2.AD(noodle) + FD(beef/soup seasoning and vegetables) 3.flavour:Beef 4.Packing:24bagx113g/carton,12bowlx143g/carton,12vip box x 203g/carton/12barrelx113g/carton 5.Origin:China 6.Halal food[...]


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