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Kraj: Chiny

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[Chiny]MgO-PSZ, Magnesium stabilized zirconia

MgO-PSZ ceramics, with density 5.6g/cm3, production as per customed drawings. Also supply Ytrria stablized zirconia ceramics, dental zirconia blocks for different milling systems, good translucency. Contact us for details and catalogs.[...]


[Chiny]Miniature ball bearings

Models produced by TIK Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd: 604ZZ,605ZZ,606ZZ,607ZZ,608ZZ,609ZZ,6000ZZ,6001ZZ,6002ZZ,623ZZ,624ZZ,625ZZ,626ZZ,627ZZ,628ZZ,629ZZ,6200ZZ,6201ZZ,635ZZ,635ZZ,636ZZ,684ZZ,685ZZ,686ZZ,687ZZ,688ZZ,689ZZ,694ZZ,695ZZ,696ZZ,697ZZ,698ZZ,699ZZ,6042RS,6052RS,6062RS,6072RS,6082RS,6092RS,60012RS,6232RS,6242RS,6252RS,6262RS,6272RS,6282RS,6292RS,62002RS,62012RS,6352RS,6362RS,6372RS,6842RS,6852RS,6862RS,6872RS,6882RS,6892RS,6942RS,6962RS,6972RS,6982RS,699 2RS. Materials available: bearing[...]

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[Chiny]Self-aligning ball bearings

The following models are available at competitive prices: 1200 series; 1300 series; 2200 series; 2300 series. Bearing Nos. with suffix K are also available. Best regards, Benjamin,[...]

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[Chiny]rubber ring gaskets, O ring, rubber flange gasket, sealing ring

we are a specialized manufacturer of rubber seals. We have full line of sizes & types, such as O ring, rubber gasket ring, rubber washer, Oil seals, hydraulic oil seals, hydraulic seals, o-shape Rubber ring, v-shape ring, irregular-shape ring, oil sealing ring, rubber TC oil seals with framework, bonded seals etc. Also we welcome custom-size, that have features: low development cost, low tooling charge, low minimum, Well and high quality control. OEM and ODM orders are welcome too. Material[...]


[Chiny]Gas Spring

we are a professional gas spring manufacturer in China[...]


[Chiny]sell CNC precision machining parts

Dear Sir: I am very pleased to introduce myself to you. Established in 2002 year,Kudos has developed about 6 years for the manufacture and export metal,plastic prodcuts. Our products are used in industrial suppliers,medicine equipments fields,auto fieds,tools,furnitures...etc. We can manufacture many metal and plastic products according to samples or drawings from our customers. Especially we have advantage in the non-standard hardware, it include: precision machining parts, Stamping parts,[...]



[Chiny]hydraulic parts,precision cnc machining

precision cnc machining,lathe,milling,grind,turning supply precision machining parts,such as shaft,gear,threaded adapter,hydraulic parts,can produce complex parts(3D&5axis), we can reach to ±0.002mm,length:1000mm,diameter:1000mm[...]


[Chiny]stamping,fabrication,welding parts,assembly parts

supply 0-20mm sheet metal and steel wire stamping parts,metalwork,metal extrude,sheet metal bending,pipe bending and tube fabrication,tie rods,anchor chain,equipped stamping machine,oil hydraulic press,bending machine(0-200T),laser cutting machine,can produce material is carbon steel,alloy steel,aluminium alloy,stainless steel. supply welding parts,we equipped welding machine(CO2,TIG,Robot welding,spot welding,stud welding),material is carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,aluminium and alloy, we[...]


[Chiny]Marine propeller

Fixed pitch propeller Our propeller diameter up to 12 meters,weight up to 120 tonnes,meterial available Cu1,Cu2,Cu3,Cu4,Stainless steel. Our products has been approved by ABS,BV.CCS,DNV,GL.LR,NK,etc., and abtained the authentication certificate of Quality System ISO9001:2000. Product Feature Maximum efficiency with minimum noise and vibration levels. Application container vessels, tankers, bulk carriers and dry cargo vessels ,etc. Other Information We design and supply[...]


[Chiny]boat propeller

Our CP propeller diameter up to 5 meters,meterial available Cu1,Cu2,Cu3,Cu4. Our products has been approved by ABS,BV.CCS,DNV,GL.LR,NK,etc., and abtained the authentication certificate of Quality System ISO9001:2000. Product Feature Highest propulsive efficiency in all operating conditions, Excellent behaviour regarding cavitation,with no erosive types of cavitation Lowest pressure pulse fluctuations on the hull to minimize noise and vibration levels on board. Application Container[...]


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