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[Bułgaria]meat fish and poultry crates

ENKO manufactures quality low cost crates for the meat, fish, and poultry industries! Many of wich have the option of stacking when in use and nesting when in storage (space saving) or transporting (lower cost per unit)! Please visit our website to view all products, or write to use for an electronic brochures.[...]


[Bułgaria]euro crates

ENKO offers a wide selection of "Euro" crates "euro stackers" 600x400 for the meat fish and poultry, agriculture fruit and vegetables, bread and bakery, milk cheese and dairy, manufacturing and industrial, euro standard crates, pallets, flower pots and gardening, live poultry crates, hygienic flooring, etc... Please view website for complete product lines, or contact us for electronic brochures and pricing![...]


[Bułgaria]Buckets for packaging

Buckets PP for packaging of foodstuffs, paints, etc. Shape: round, oval, square. Volume 0,365 ltr. up to 18,0 ltr. Offset printing of labels. In-mold labelling available. Prompt delivery.[...]


[Bułgaria]Trigger pump

Trigger pump for clean and many other products.[...]


[Bułgaria]Liquid soap pumps

Liquid soap pumps and highly viscous articles.[...]


[Bułgaria]Pulverizer pump

Pulverizer pumps for cosmetic and many other product.[...]


[Bułgaria]Pack for clean agency

Pack for clean agency and many other.[...]


[Bułgaria]Sell t-shirt bags

Custom printed t-shirt bags shoping, singlet, vest-type bags The most common bag is the t-shirt one. In principle it is produced of HDPE and it is suitable for carrying any products - light or heavy, with small or large volume. The t-shirt bag offer best value for money as advertising bag.[...]


[Bułgaria]Sell die cut bags

Custom printed die cut bags promotional plastic bags The die cut handle bag differ from the patch handle one in the lack of patch around the cut. It is suitable when carrying light objects such as clothes, small boxes, medicine, cosmetics, etc. This bag is a very good advertising material. If it is produced of HDPE (high density polyethylene) its strength resembles the one of patch handle bag.[...]


[Bułgaria]Sell bags for industry

LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE bags for industry suitable packaging for your products In order your products to be good looking and protected of damaging on their way to the consumer you need polyethylene or polypropylene flat bags.[...]


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