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TNC Automatic Pillow Type Flow Wrapping Machine with Film Inverted Feeding This is an inverted version of a horizontal wrapper with reel holders below machine body. TNC works with film invert feeding. Application: A wide range of applications such as: multi-piece packing, i.e. sausage, instant noodle, soaps, hardware and so on. Features: 1. Compact design and easy operation. 2. Automatic on-site stop. 3. Digitally indicating the size of the film, speed of wrapping, turnout and[...]


[Chiny]TNW Flow Packing Machine without tray

Application: A wide range of applications such as biscuits on edge, chocolates, soaps, and snow biscuits in multi-pieces without pallets. Features: 1. Save pallets, prevent pollution and lower cost. 2. Roll film, automatically filling, sealing, and cutting. 3. PLC based control system reliable and stable, low maintenance 4. Speed control via A.C. invertors.. 5. Photoelectric cell and dual tracking without mechanical contact. Packaging film Roll Max Width in mm 450 Product Measurements[...]


[Chiny]Fully Automatic Flow Packaging Machinery

Application: Indisposable Syringe:1、2.5、5、10、20、30、50ml. Main features: 1. Sealing form: Three side seal, tight and firm, packing bag easily prints on both sides. 2.Using a number of patent technologies: such as the dialysis paper glued with compound film, punching air holes, forming bags, longitual and horizontal seal, cutting off and printer printing, packing 50,000-60,000 units per shift operated with one worker. 3. heat sticking device for Paper and film: Automatic[...]



FEATURES ZF-390A automatic envelope making machine suitable for Chinese and western envelopes : Chines type code 1-7, western type code 1-7 international envelope, commercial envelope ,first day celebration envelope, etc. It adopts air suction type bottom paper-extracting system to supply paper without a stop. With compulsive setting system and horizontal pre-pressure, vertical pressure-loading parts can assure product accuracy at high speed and rotary paste suits to any purpose. Completed with[...]



MAIN STRUCTURE FEATURES Air suction bottom paper-extracting is available to supply paper constantly without a pause and improve the efficiency. Cam three-spot paper supplying is steady and reliable. High-accuracy paper setting systems assure the quality. Rotary pasting ensure coating averagely. stepless adjusting window film-sticking length, convenient and reliable. TECHNICAL PARAMETER Max working velocity 10000pcs/h Applicable paper ration 70-157 g/m2 Window dimension range 30*150 -50*200mm Film[...]


[Chiny]Automatic grooving machine Model ZG-900-ISEEF.com,CHINA

Application: This machine is mainly used for making V and U type groove on ash cardboard, copperplate paper, glossy paper, mounted cardboard, paper board and MDF board etc. Description: The machine with auto feeding by belt friction. Single side auto correction which guarantee precision and solve destabilizing of manual feeding. The machine is suitable for rigid boxes, book boxes, wine box, mobile phone box, jewelry box, moon cake box, etc. Main function: 1. Automatic correction, includes[...]


[Chiny]Auto Film Lamination Machine Model YFMA series-ISEEF.com,CHINA

Product instruction: YFMA series is a mini type automatic laminating machine we develop according to market demand. It is with compact structure ,simple operation, stable system. It has multiple safety devices for operator. It is widely used for thermal laminating film, non-glue film and the laminatings of presswork. YFMA series is used for laminating thermal film and paper sheets. It is equipped with automatic feeder and automatic separating device, which are steady and highly active. The machine[...]



Ⅰ. Instruction: YFMD Automatic Laminating Machine apply to the equipment complex of BOPP thermal lamination film and paper. It is consisted of auto feeding system, positioning, laminating system, auto breaking and auto picker collector. It is a new type of after-print laminating machine, The machine centralizes the features of compact structure, high automation, humanized operation design. Ⅱ. Application: The machine widely used in textbooks , books , calendars , cards, product samples,[...]


[Chiny]Auto knife Grinding Machine DMSQ-K with magnetic filter-ISEEF.com,CHINA

Surface grinding Machine DMSQ-K with magnetic filter It’s a fully automated programmable knife grinding machine. It uses stepping motor, PLC programming control systems, can automatically adjust the times of coarse grinding and fine grinding. It can automatically feed grinding wheel with memory, storage and dynamic tracing functions. It uses a dust cover device, electro-magnetic chuck loaded knife, the key electrical and key parts’ bearing adopt the imported original documents. It is the highest[...]


[Chiny]Double color film blowing machine

It is used for blowing various low density polyethylene(DLPE)and high density polyethylene (HDPE) colour stripped plastic film ,etc.,which are widely used for packing food,fruit,garments,textile,daily necessities and other civil and industrial products.The cylinder and the screw stem of Model SJ-45D*1extruder are made of high-quality alloy steel with optimum hardness and strong corrosion resistance after precision finishing and nitrogen treatment. 600 auxiliary machine can be freely adjusted within[...]


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