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[Chiny]Fruit Jam and Jelly

Jam & jelly are made from fruits, fruit pulps or extracts. Jam is boiled fruit pulp with sugar and preservatives and is thick. Jelly is also made by boiling but is clear, sparkling and transparent. These products are applied to some snacks or bread. They are also used in making certain desserts.[...]


[Hong Kong]Plastic Box for Frozen Foods in Refrigerator

Plastic Ice-Cream Box; Volume: 0.5 liter, 2 liters and 5 liters fit for low temperature, ice-cream and frozen foods packing. We have others food utensil: Ice-Cream Box; Plastic Cup for cooling; Ice Cream Scoop; Milk Power Spoon; Plastic Fork; Plastic Pudding Cup; Plastic Bow for High Heat; Plastic Bow for Microwave ...etc[...]



Lines types OL2-V are used for the ice cream filling into cups and hardening of them in the freezing apparatus. The dosing device of the line fills 8 wafer cups with one or two flavours of the ice cream with the liquid inserts (syrup) at the same time. The dosing device for dry additions such as chopped nuts and raisins can be added as well. There is possibility join to the line-dosing device used for the glaze and powdery. Weight of the package: 100g or 250g Technical characteristics: Maximum[...]


[Chiny]Soy Lecithin

Soy Lecithin: Including Powder and Liquid types, also Modified Concentrated Soy Leicthin. Welcome to contact us for more details.[...]


[Izrael]Gelato stabilizer & diet base

We are manufactureing best ice cream &all cind off gelato stabilizers and nature flavours.[...]


[Polska]Spanish Cake

Meringue cake with layers of whipped cream, crumbled strawberries and confiture. Decorated with Southern fruit and sprinkled with coconut. Produced in 3 different sizes: - small - 1,35L - large - 2,7L - extra large 5,15L Awarded with Regional Quality Mark and Foodtarg '99 Golden Medal[...]


[Polska]Ice cream in trays

We recommend a big range of traditional, homogenized ice cream to be sold by scoops, in 5 and 2,3 litre plastic containers. Ice cream from ITALIANA have perfect consistence and a distinct taste. We offer dessert-ice cream in 60 flavours and water ice cream in 15 fresh fruit flavours.[...]


[Polska]Flavour extracts for "shakes"

Flavour extracts for "shakes". We recommend flavour extracts for "shakes" which should be used in proportion of 1:4. They help achieve a perfect flavour and a beautiful decoration. The range of flavours includes: strawberry chocolate vanilla banana coffee orange caramel[...]


[Polska]Cassate hemispheres

Dessert made from traditional ice cream. Flavours include: nuts and raisins, chocolate, mocca coffee and fruit[...]


[Polska]Fruit and liqueur decoration sauces

Fruit and liqueur decoration sauces from ITALIANA are wonderful additions to ice cream, ice cream desserts and "rainbow" ice cream. They are produced from fresh and frozen fruit pulp, which with carefully chosen, ecological add-ins undergo appropriate technological processes. They're used for glazing ice cream and desserts because they give them clear taste and aroma of fresh fruit. Decoration sauces from ITALIANA have perfect consistence, they don't "flow down"[...]


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