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By way of brief introduction, we are a firm of hospitality consultants, located in the Metro area of London, UK. We provide links to borrowers for our Lenders, Financial Institutions, Private Investor, Venture Capital Companies and Insurance Group for Project Funding / Investment in the US, Europe, Asia and African Nations. We are seeking to establish communications in which we could provide your Company / organization with our lenders who can fund your projects. Our main areas of interest are[...]


[Polska]"GSM Technology" training

GSM Technology is an intermediate technical course covering all aspects of GSM architecture and functionality. It presents the knowledge useful for those who in their everyday work operate, maintain and supervise the GSM network. The knowledge gained during this course can be furthermore extended during specific courses and consultations covering issues like operation, structure and configuration of specific network nodes as well as courses on signalling within Base Station System and Switching System.[...]


[Polska]"ATM Technology" training

This course takes a close look at the purpose and principle of the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). This training lays the foundation for ATM by explaining all the basics from cell format and header to virtual circuits and connections. In addition to an ATM overview, specific topics featured in this course include: traffic control, adaptation layers and signalling protocols. The training can be also delivered in the two days version called ATM and MPLS Technology, This combined version of two[...]


[Polska]"UMTS Technology" training

UMTS Technology course is an intermediate technical course, which covers all aspects of architecture and functionality of third generation cellular networks – UMTS. It presents the knowledge useful for those who need to be ready for the coming of 3G.[...]



Translation of various texts from/to English, German, Spanish/Czech.[...]


[Polska]Debt collection services

ICG offers help in recovery money from foreign debtors (whole Europe). We have conducted many cases of our Polish and foreign Clients, here in Poland as well as abroad, for example in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, etc Payment under contracts signed with ICG are based on the results of our work and made only after successful recovery![...]



[Korea Południowa]Miscellaneous Business Services in Korea

We serve miscellaneous performing,handling services in Korea. Do you have any annoying, irksome, tiresome, troublesome things or matters in Korea? In those cases,don't worry about them. We will take care of it for you. This is the very our performing,handling service. Of cource, we serve you with evidences.[...]


[Korea Południowa]Information and Investigation Service in Korea

We are a business information service providing company in Korea. Do you need information and investigation etc. service about Korean company or something in Korea? We are having much useful informations about that. Please contact Mr.Kelly Kim[...]


[Korea Południowa]Liaison Office Service in Korea

We provide office-function service in Korea. You don't need to come to Korea every time on some little important business cases. Our serving lines: (1) Generally serving you as your liaison office or representative or messenger for you in Korea. (2) Managing,controlling your business working in Korea instead of you by your instructions.[...]


[Korea Południowa]Various kinds of business service in Korea

We are a various kinds of business service provider in Korea as belows. 1. Liaison Office Service in Korea 2. Miscellaneous Business Services in Korea 3. Information and Investigation Service in Korea[...]


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