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[Chiny]LED Evil Eye Laser Lights for Motorcycles

Specification: Shell Material:Aluminium alloy Input Voltage:DC12V Light Power:18W high light,8W low light Lumens:2200LM Weight:0.5kg Life Span:200,000+hours Application:all motorcycles and cars for DC12V LED Bulb:CREE chip from USA Size:10.08*6.90*5.00cm;11.00*9.00*5.00cm Color:Red(out)+Blue(in),Blue(out)+Red(in),Green(out)+Yellow(in),Red(out)+Green(in) Advantages: 1.This led light is perfer eyes for your cars and motorcycle when driving,with double lens, make your lights brigher[...]



[Chiny]DUB-A106 Helmet

Model: DUB-A106 Material: ABS NW: 10.5KG GW: 16.5KG Packing: 9pcs/76.5*33*76cm Standard: DOT,SONCAP If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact me.[...]


[Chiny]Motorcycle Helmet

1. Themoplastic shell 2. Meets or exceeds DOT and CE safety standards 3.plush brushed nylon comfort inteior 4.D-ring retention system 5.High strength stainless steel rivets 6 High quality with clear coat finish 7.sized:S.M.L.[...]



Model: LB125T-21: e11*2002/24*0368*04 Parameter of Cycle 1. Dimensions:1810/1310/695(mm) 2. Wheelbase:1280 (mm) 3. Gross Weight:104(kg) 4. Dry Weight:101(kg) 5. Max Load:254 (kg) 6. Max.speed: 80(km/h) 7. Fuel tank capacity: 4.5(L) 8. Fuel type: #90 Benzine 9. Tyre and rim:F.:120/70-12 R.:120//70-12 10.Brake style:F.DiscR. Drum 11.Absorber style: double rear shock absorber 12.Battery:12V7AH[...]


[Chiny]Gas motorcycle

Model No.:LB50QT-16 Parameter of Cycle 1. Dimensions:1686*1094*652 (mm) 2. Wheelbase:1200 (mm) 3. Gross Weight:82(kg) 4. Dry Weight:79(kg) 5. Max Load:260 (kg) 6. Max.speed: 40(km/h) 7. Fuel tank capacity: 4(L) 8. Fuel type: #90 Benzine 9. Tyre and rim:F.:3.50-10/ R.:3.50-1 10.Brake style:F.Disc /R. Drum 11.Absorber style: independent hanging 12.Battery:12V7AH[...]


[Chiny]Gas Motorcycle scooter

Model No.:LB50QT-37B Parameter of Cycle 1. Dimensions:2010*1220*690(mm) 2. Wheelbase: 1400(mm) 3. Gross Weight:109(kg) 4. Dry Weight:104(kg) 5. Max Load: 260(kg) 6. Max.speed: 45(km/h) 7. Fuel tank capacity:5.5 (L) 8. Fuel type: #90 Benzine 9. Tyre and rim:F.:120/70-12 R.:120/70-12 10.Brake style:F.disc/ R.drum 11.rear Absorber : single rear shock absorber 12.Battery:12V7AH[...]



Model No.:LB50QT-21B Parameter of Cycle 1. Dimensions:1830/1160/695(mm) 2. Wheelbase:1310(mm) 3. Gross Weight:88(kg) 4. Dry Weight:86(kg) 5. Max Load:238 (kg) 6. Max.speed:40(km/h) 7. Fuel tank capacity: 4.5(L) 8. Fuel type: #90 Benzine 9. Tyre and rim:F.:120/70-12/ R.:120/70-12 10.Brake style:F.Disc /R. Drum 11.Absorber style: single rear shock absorber 12.Battery:12V7AH[...]


[Chiny]Gas motorcycle scooter

Model: LB50QT-11 1. Dimensions:1600*1100*680mm 2. Wheelbase: 1230(mm) 3. Gross Weight:81(kg) 4. Dry Weight:74(kg) 5. Max Load:231 (kg) 6. Max.speed:45 (km/h) 7. Fuel tank capacity:3.5(L) 8. Fuel type: #90 Benzine 9. Tyre and rim:F.:100/60-12/ R.:100/60-12/ 10.Brake style:F.Disc/ R.Drum 11. Rear Absorber style:single rear suspition 12.Battery:12V7AH[...]


[Chiny]motorcycle parts

we can offer ALL KINDS OF YAMAHA, HONDA, SUZUKI PARTS and aslo have chinese model parts,if you are interested in, pls contact with us. Thanks.[...]


[Chiny]CE Electric Motorcycle

DM09:500W/1000W/1500W with CE.1500W without CE. Packing size(mm):1750*560*1050 Wheelbase:1200mm Drive:Rear wheel drive Tyre spec.:3.00-10 Weight(included battery):≤60kg Loading capacity:≤100kg Speed:≤60km/h Mileages:45-50km/45-80km/60-80km Battery major specification : Battery type:Plumbum acid Rated voltage:48V/48V/60V Volume:20AH Motor major specification: Motor:Non-brush DC motor Rated output power:500W/1000W/1500W Rated voltage:48V/48V/60V Rated rotation[...]


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