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[Chiny]glass wool batts

The glass wool product is placed In the glass of the meltdown appearance proceed the fiber. Turn and spray the resin of solid that draw the hot silk wadding form material, then turn through hot solid the deep processing handles and can also make into the series and various useful products. It has the performance of prevent fire, no toxicity, low density, low heat, coefficient, the chemistry stability is strong, the wet rate inabsorb is low etc. keeps homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer;[...]


[Chiny]glass wool blanket

keeps homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer; Saves on energy costs; Reduces greenhouse gas emissions; Low allergen.[...]


[Chiny]mineral fiber board

Mineral wool Acoustic Decorative materials has the following features: decoration, sound absoration, fireproof, preventing cold and hot, energy saving and insulation[...]



One of building decorating materials, it is mainly used for covering inside ceiling, it’s characteristic is moistur- proof and fireproofing. It makes of two materials: alum- inum class and film.[...]



Tiles are colorific and lively, it can decorative home more modern; Steady ancient GLAZED can use in Chinese style and European- Style home; different materials of Mosaic, the role of the different Splicing can add million species style for home; And, creative new and temperament impressive Tile can make decorating to look like eye-opening experience.[...]


[Chiny]High strength structural bolt set (ASTM a325 a490 ASTM a563 ASTM f436)

High strength structural bolt&nut&washer set(ASTM a325/a490 ASTM a563 ASTM f436) Standard: ASME B18.2.6; ASME B18.2.3.7M; ASME B18.2.2; Dia.: 1/2”-1 1/2”, M12~M36 Length:1 1/4”-10”,30-250mm; Material/Grade: bolt-ASTM a325/a490; nut-ASTM a563; washer-ASTM f436 Surface treatment: plain, black oxygenation, zinc plated, hot dip galvanizing, etc.[...]


[Chiny]High strength structural bolt set series (DIN6914 DIN6915 DIN6916)

High strength structural bolt&nut&washer set(DIN6914 DIN6915 DIN6916) Standard: DIN6914 DIN6915 DIN6916 Dia.: M12-M36; Length:30 mm-250 mm; Material/Grade: bolt-8.8,10.9; nut-8,10; washer HV295-350. Surface treatment: plain, black oxygenation, zinc plated, hot dip galvanizing, etc.[...]


[Chiny]Shear connecter welding stud

Shear connecter welding stud (supplied with compatible ceramic Ferrules) Standard: ISO 13918; ANSI/AWS D1.1; JIS B1198; Dia. : 10-25mm,1/2"---1”; Length :40-300mm,1 1/2" ~ 12"; Material/Grade: low carbon steel (coordinate: Astm A108 Grades 1010 throughout 1020) Surface treatment: plain;[...]


[Polska]Producent masztów flagowych

Proponujemy skorzystać z oferty firmy MASZT-RAD-P która jest Polskim producentem masztów flagowych z włókna szklanego. To trwała i estetyczna forma reklamy zewnętrznej kazdej firmy.[...]


[Chiny]Sell toilets

Our toilets are wall outlet or floor outlet. They have up-to-date model, brilliant glaze surface and have the function of flushing in high level. We can offer the relevant seats and fittings for your choosing. And we can offer products in different models, too. The minimum order is a 40’ FCL, or a 40’ LCL (with other models of products).[...]


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