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[Grecja]Agricultural Sprayers and Dusters

Manufacturers and distributors of all kinds of sprayers, dusters, inox containers, garden tools and wine-making equipment. The company was established in 1886 and is currently celebrating its 120 years of presence in the Greek and international marketplace. Main product lines include sprayers and dusters for agricultural, gardening and industrial applications (pesticide, insecticide, herbicide, weed killing, disinfections, etc.). Hand sprayers, compression sprayers, plastic knapsack sprayers,[...]


[Grecja]Knapsack Sprayers

Plastic knapsack sprayer, suitable for any agricultural or industrial spraying application. Ergonomic design with true ambidextrous operation (curved back on both sides) and a carrying handle. Equipped with a screw seal, breather valve, adjustable belts, shoulder straps, agitator and trigger lance. Use them on crops, garden, greenhouse and plantations. Packaged in attractive 3-colour carton box.[...]


[Grecja]Compression Sprayers

These compression sprayers are suitable for any gardening, agricultural or industrial spraying application. They provide a larger capacity tank for more spraying autonomy and are also capable of achieving higher pressures. Use them outdoors on your flower-beds, small garden and also on crops and greenhouses. The pressure relief valve comes as a standard and they are easy to use. Packaged in attractive 3-colour carton box.[...]


[Grecja]Motorized Knapsack Sprayers - Mistblowers - Dusters

The MERCURY knapsack mistblower is a very special kind of sprayer. It can be also used as a duster or as a flame thrower. It is suitable for larger areas, such as tobacco plantations and vineyards. Prapopoulos introduced the motorized mistblowers in the 1960's. The innovative K100 is the new versatile model which offers great comfort due to its ergonomic design. New silent motors, more powerfull, with larger chemical & petrol tanks for extra autonomy. The multi-use joystick ensures a simple[...]


[Grecja]Ultra Low Volume Sprayers - ULV

The "ECOSPRAY" is a unique ultra low volume sprayer that guarantees an even distribution of of small spraying droplets throughout your plantation. It optionally uses rechargeable batteries. Use it to save time and money on liquid. It is equipped with telescopic rod. Suitable for gardens and crops. It is the ultimate sprayer to use for precision weed killing.[...]


[Grecja]Agricultural Dusters

The professional series, suitable for large scale agricultural dusting applications. The knapsack duster is equipped with an output flow control regulator and a double grinder. It comes with adjustable belts and shoulder straps. The extension lance can be optionally increased to 3 meters long. Suitable for crop dusting. Packaged in attractive 3-colour carton box.[...]


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