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Kraj: Chiny

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[Chiny]automatyczne Chain Link Fence maszyny

4M automatyczne Chain Link Fence maszyny: To urządzenie stosowane do produkcji łańcucha link ogrodzenia Rozmiar 1.Mesh: 40 * 40-100 * 100mm Średnica 2.Wire :2-4mm Szerokość 3.Mesh: 4m 4.Materials: Jakość niskoemisyjnej drutu stalowego, drutu ze stali nierdzewnej, etc przewód PVC 5.Fence Używa: hodować kurczaki, kaczki i ogrodzenie zoo. Ochrona maszyny i urządzenia, autostrady poręczy, obiektów sportowych ogrodzenia, Droga Zielona Sieć pas ochronny. Może być wykonany[...]


[Chiny]Semi-Automatic 3 or 5 Gallon Bottle Blow Molding Machine

TSBM-001 Semi automatic blow moulding machine is especially used to produce 3 gallon and 5 gallon bottles and is widely used to produce any shape of plastic from PET with neck finishes from 15mm-200mm. ● Perfect function with economic investment. ● Small size and compact construction with no space waste. ● Easy to operate and maintain ,operation by one person . ● Saving power and uneasy to worn out ,Adopting new double crank four bars to lock mould, the cross fixed. Providing high pressure[...]


[Chiny]PVC reinforced pipe extrusion line

Apply to buildings outside the main sewage, sewer system, as well as municipal sewage, sewer system. Products are light weight, high compressive strength, smooth inner wall, drainage resistance, corrosion resistance, easy construction, connection reliability, long life and other characteristics, is the world's more advanced sewage, drainage pipes systems in the world[...]


[Chiny]Lubricating Oil &hydraulic Oil Purification Machine, Oil Filtration,Oil Recycling

Series LY-A is special for purifying all kinds of lubricating oil such as the hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, coolant oil, gear oil, and heat treatment oil and so on. This machine can operate automatically (don’t need the person when it is working). According to the lubricating oil’s nature, this machine can rapidly remove water, gas, particulate matters and impurities from lubrication oil, so guarantee lubricating system of machine to work properly and prolong lifetime of machine. Features 1.[...]


[Chiny]Vertical Panel Saw

The vertical Panel Saw is designed for high production and tight tolerance cutting. It adopts hard alloy blades and tools, featuring superb high-speed balance performance, high processing precision and durability, saving time and energy. Blade grooving depth can be adjusted steplessly from 0 to 10mm. The traveling beam allows the operator to leave the panel stationary while the cutting blade moves both horizontally and vertically. It is capable of grooving and cutting, capable of horizontal and vertical[...]


[Chiny]Hydraulic Press Brake (bending machine)

Specifications: WC67Y series bending machine are steel-welded construction, vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength and good rigidity. Hydraulic top-drive, steadiness and reliability. Mechanical stop, steel torsion bar to maintain synchronization, high precision. Motorized-adjusting device of backgauge and rames stroke, fine adusting by handwheel, numerical display. Deflection compensation unit installed on the top die. Manual crowned bottom die holder is adopted for the machine[...]


[Chiny]Shearing Machine

All steel welded structure, vibrating treatment of ageing for removal of internal stress, with good rigidity and stability. Integrated hydraulic transmission system, with good reliability. Triple support rolling guide rail to eliminate gaps of support and enhance shearing quality. Mechanical rear stopper with manual fine tuning, and digital indication. Clearance in between shearing blades adjusted by hand wheel to be quick, accuate and convenient. Rectangular blades with four cutting edges[...]


[Chiny]Oval Tube forming machine

Where space limitations prevent the use of round spiral duct, Oval tube is the answer. Main advantages of oval tube Better air flow Fewer hangers Lighter weight Joints easier to seal Easier to install Often requires less space Longer length between joints Aesthetically pleasing Very good lock seam, without leakage Fewer or no joints 1 produced by full-automatic, clean and dustless 2 the leakage rate is extremely low. only 0.02 3 the lock seam is tight , the inner lock seam is smooth[...]


[Chiny]Injection screw

Injection screw 1.Spec:250-320000KN Mould clamping force 15-25000g Injecting capacity Diameter of screw Ф18mm-250mm 2.Different head can be choosed for screw and corresponding gush hole can be choosed for barrel.[...]


[Chiny]Injection barrel

Injection barrel 1.Spec:250-320000KN Mould clamping force 15-25000g Injecting capacity Diameter of screw Ф18mm-250mm 2.Different head can be choosed for screw and corresponding gush hole can be choosed for barrel.[...]


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