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[Chiny]Gear head engine lathe

We export engine lathes for more than 11 years. The diameter we deal with is from 360mm, 460mm, 530mm, 600mm till 660mm.[...]


[Chiny]Stainless Steel rope wire mesh

Stainless steel is selected for their wear-resisting, heat-resisting, acid-resisting and corrosion resisting characteristics. Many different grades of stainless are used in wire cloth. T304 is the most common, but other are used in specific applications to take advantage of each grade’s unique properties. The wire mesh made of stainless steel is extensively used in mining , chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry. Our stainless steel wire mesh products are generally made[...]


[Chiny]Sell vertical bandsaws ---- G5115

Type: G5115 (this type mainly for cutting iron) Sawing/cutting capacity (mm): Throat ---- 300 Height ---- 150 Length ---- 500 Process speed (m/min): 20/45/90 Saw blade specification (mm): 27*0.9 Main motor output (kw): 1.5 Working table surface (LxW): 800*600 mm Weight: 860kg[...]


[Chiny]Pivot angle cutting bandsaws ---- GW4028/Z

Type: GW4028/Z Max. cutting/sawing capacity (mm): 45 degree ---- round material: 280 square material: 250*250 90 degree ---- round material: 280 Square material: 280 (H)*400 (W) Process speed (m/min): 30/50/80 Saw blade specification (mm): 34*1.1*3860 Main motor output (kw): 2.2 Oil pump motor power (kw): 1.1 Coolant motor (kw): 0.075 Working clamping method: Hydraulic Saw blade tensioning form: Manual Weight: 1020 kg The height of working table[...]


[Chiny]Gantry CNC flame and plasma heavy cutting machine

AD-P3060 CNC Flame Plasma Cutter Model AD-P3060 Effective Cutting Range(mm) 800*1000 Cutting Thickness(mm) Carbon Steel:verge cutter≤120;perforation≤60 Cutting Way Oxygen+propane or acetylene Cutting Speed(mm/min) 50-2000(max.4000) Running Speed(mm/min) 50-8000mm/min Velocity Error(%) ≤±5% Automatically Adjustable High-precision(mm) ≤±1.0mm Longitudinal linear precision ±0.2mm/10m [...]


[Chiny]cnc channel letter bending machine

cnc channel letter bending machine Material thickness: 0.3-1.5mm Material width 2.-180mm Letter range 80mm and more Max power 1.5kw Machine size 2380*1200*1600mm Weight 380kg Power AC 220V/50HZ Air compressor Precision 0.8Mpa 0.05mm Use power 1kw Feed speed 10-14m/min Document format Plt Detailed information: 1.Work with serve motor to promise high speed and high precision, feed precision can reach to 0.05mm 2.Auto[...]


[Chiny]cnc plasma cutting machine

cnc plasma cutting machine Model AD-P1325 Input Voltage 380V50HZ Input current 60A Cutting thickness 0.3-5mm Input power 12KVA Cutting current 60A Cutting voltage 90V Current range 15-60A Transmission way USB Work type Untouched or Arc initiation Operation format G code and HPGl Weight 550kg Dimensions 1320*3200mm Cutting size 1300*2500mm Cutting speed 0-12000mm/min Detailed product description: [...]


[Chiny]Supply Straight Centrifugal Grinder

Straight centrifugal grinder is used to grind various non-inflammable and non-explosive stuff in mining, building, chemical, metallurgical industry, etc. Straight centrifugal grinder can grind high, medial and low hardness material whose Moh's hardness is below 9.5, Straight centrifugal grinder can grinds such as silica carbide, zirconium, quartz stone, granite, barite, marble, limestone, soap stone, calcium sulphate stone, slag, ceramic prismatic, glass, etc. The final product size can be adjusted[...]


[Chiny]Dielectric fluid breakdown strength tester/ oil analyzer series DYT

DYT series insulating oil testers are fully automatic micro controller based system,completely self-contained,compact and portable giving smooth variable test voltage from 0 to 60, 75, 80, 90 or 100 kV for testing the dielectric strength of insulating oil in accordance with all international standards like IEC156/IS6792/ASTM D 1816/ASTM D877/ UNE 21 specifications. 1. Auto mode DYT series insulating oil testers are fully automatic type. 1) IEC-156, IS6792, ASTM D 877, ASTM D 1816, UNE[...]


[Chiny]5 axis machined parts, 4 axis machined parts

With our advanced 4 Axis machining centers, 5-Axis machining centers, CNC machines, Turning, Milling, Wire-cutting and Grinding machines, We can provide kinds of precise machined parts including, - CNC precise machining parts - Turning,milling and grinding parts - Casting machining parts - 5-Axis machining parts - Precised wire-cut or laser cut parts - Vacuum flanges - Engineering plastic mateiral machined parts The metal material can be stainless[...]


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