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[Wielka Brytania]Seccur-vdo™

Seccur-vdo™ The Seccur-vdo™ cost-effective viewing system provides a powerful video management and security tool. Seccur-vdo™ allows the user to follow: # simultaneously # operate manually or automatically # record and retrieve # analyse in depth. Seccur-all vod Seccur-vdo™ displays Seccur-vdo™ allows the display of up to 16 cameras in multiplexed mode. The recording methods allow background recording continuously or by event. Each camera can be displayed and controlled separately.[...]


[Wielka Brytania]Seccur-all™ Local

Seccur-all™ is the industry choice, an excellent cost-effective site management software system. A whole range of systems can be integrated into a simple and intuitive control and reporting command centre. Seccur-all™ is ideal for industrial complexes, campuses, hotels, shopping centres, public spaces, city centres, and highly sensitive facilities such as military and homeland security installations. Seccur-all™ is versatile enough to integrate easily into previously installed equipment[...]


[Wielka Brytania]Pure Polyurea

SPI-HTis a pure polyurea. It is state of the art ,high performance. sprayed. plural component. It provides a flexible, resilient, tough, monolithic membrane with excelent water and chemical resistance. This product is a inovation. This revolutionary tecnology has uses and applications that are limitless in civil uses. Recommended for...COATINGS FOR STEEL OR OTHER SUBSTRATE EXPOSED TO CORROSION...LINERS FOR CONCRETE TANKS...PONDS...LAGOONS...RESEVOIRS...DIKES...TUNNELS...STEEL TANKS...PIPES...ENCAPSULATION[...]


[Wielka Brytania]Wayfinder WFMK1

WAYFINDER WFMK1 Sound activated Wire free retro fit Wayfinder. This Wayfinder recognises the sound of smoke & fire alms. It is an intelligent unit that will, within 30 seconds of alarm activation, will independently switch them on and continue operation until the smoke or fire alarms switch off. The added safety feature is that they will continue to operate for a further 45 seconds after the alarms stop to ensure everyone clears the building. They will then automatically switch[...]


[Wielka Brytania]Wayfinder WFMK4 OMNI-DIRECTIONAL

OMNI-INTELLIGENT WAYFINDER It has the ability to route map and find the safest and quickest way out of large and complex buildings, stations, stadium, tunnels, tower blocks or any large facility. It can work equally as well in smaller buildings. Imagine that a fire has started on the fifth floor (zone 5) the intelligent Wayfinder's will guide you away from zone 5 and to the nearest safe fire exit. Multiple fires in multiple zones are equally efficiently handled by this truly amazing system. Enhances[...]


[Wielka Brytania]PSV2-55T Hydraulic Pump

Fully reconditioned PSV2-55T Kayaba Hydraulic Pump. Load tested to OEM specifications complete with warranty[...]


[Wielka Brytania]PSV2-60T

Fully reconditoned PSV2-60T Kayab Hydraulic Pump. Fully load tested to OEM specifications and complete with warranty.[...]


[Wielka Brytania]A8V - A10 hydraulic pump

Fully reconditoned Kawasaki A8V -A10 hydraulic pump. Fully load tested to OEM specifications, complete with warranty[...]


[Wielka Brytania]Żarówka LED (chandelier) typu płomień

Żarówka LED typu płomień, pieknie zaprojektowana, wszelkich zastosowań, szczególnie do żyrandoli typu "chandelier": - Przeźroczysta lub matowa - Wymiary: D=37, L=130mm - LED's: 3x1W - Ilość światła: >190lm - Napięcie: AC85-265V - Kąt świecenia: >300º - CCT: 2700-6500K - Dostępny uchwyt: E14/B15/B22/E27 - Dostępny kolor obudowy: srebny/złoty/czarny - Ściemnia się ze ściemniaczem typu TRIAC[...]


[Wielka Brytania]Slip Grip Flat Sheet

Detailed Selling Lead Description The Slip Grip flat sheet product, which is produced in long sheets is ideal for walkways, ramps, gangways, factory floors and many more applications. The Anti slip flooring Flat sheet, like the Slip Grip stair treads also has a silicone and carbon grit chemically bonded to the top surface. This gives unbelievable slip resistance even in wet or oily conditions. The product is very quick and easy to install and fits over the existing substrate. The grit surface The[...]


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