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Kraj: Chiny

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[Chiny]Home Use Security Burglarproof Alarm System

Home Use GSM Alarm System 1): Model: LJ-898HA. 2): Mobile phone message alarm, easy and accurate. 3): GSM alarm, safe and reliable. 4): Human oriented design, easy to operate. 5): Applicable for the users who seek for the higher burglarproof security requirement. Home Use Wireless Alarm System 1): Model: LJ-898HB. 2): Infrared detection. 3): Wireless cipher receiving. 4): Automatic alarm. 5): Error alarm proof. 6): External power output. Home Use Doorbell Alarm System 1): Model:[...]


[Chiny]Power Window, Smoke Detector, Sensor, Loudspeaker, HID, GPS

Power Window System Specifications: 1): Model: PW-001… 2): Universal power window for 2 doors. 3): Suitable for all vehicle. 4): Low noise design. 5): Motor is made by sino-japan joint venture. 6): The bearing is made of copper alloy. 7): The gear wheel is made of POM plastic. Smoke Detector Specifications: 1.Standby current: 10mA 2.Alarm current: 30mA 3.Temperature range: -10 to 50 degrees Celsius 4.Alarm density: 0.65 to 1.55%FT 5.Alarm volume: 85dB in 3m distance 6.ABS fire-resistant[...]


[Chiny]Remote Control and Parking Sensor and Central Lock and Keyless Entry

Remote Controller Specifications: 1): Model: LJ-063… 2): Suitable for all of the alarm system, especially for the car alarm system. 3): More than 50 kinds design for your specified requirement. 4): One way and two way controller are optional. Welcome inquiry for more info and details. Parking Sensor System Specifications: 1): Model: P-898G… 2): Stage by stage sound alarm. 3): Smart VFD display screen. 4): Sensor style and color are optional. 5): 2/4/6/8 sensors system are optional. 6):[...]


[Chiny]Motorcycle Alarm System

Speaking Motorcycle Alarm System Specifications: 1): Model: LM-898ES 2): Remote in arm and disarm. 3): Car finding and help calling. 4): Remote start engine (Pre-warm the engine). 5): Fix code mode. 6): Voice Remind: Please in arm the alarm.. Turn left, take care please. Turn right, take care please. Safety driving. 7): Working Current: <= 6.5mA 8): Working Frequency: 315 MHz and 433 MHz. One Way Motorcycle Alarm System Specifications: 1): Model: LM-898FS… 2): Remote in arm and[...]


[Chiny]Car Alarm System

One Way Car Alarm System Specifications: 1): Model: NT-898A… 2): Remote in arm and disarm. 3): Silent in arm. 4): Trigger memory. 5): Central door lock automatically. 6): Car finding. 7): Engine cut off. 8): LED indicator status. 9): Anti-hijacking. 10: Remote truck open. 11): Learning code mode. 12): Waterproof remote controller... Two Way Car Alarm System Specifications: 1): Model: NT-898TB. 2): Remote in arm and disarm. 3): Silent in arm. 4): Trigger memory. 5): Central[...]


[Chiny]GPRS 3G Gate Opener Relay Remote Conrtrol Access 2015 new products

Name: 3G Gate Opener Model: RTU5025C RTU5025W GSM-Gate-Opener.com 3G Gate Opener 3G Door Opener GSM 3G Garager Door opener Swing door opener Automatica Door opener Authorized 999users open gate at the specified time! GSM Gate, Barrier, Shutter, Garage Door and Door opener Open gate or garage door with a FREE call from your mobile phone! Remote switching machines ON/OFF with a FREE call from your mobile phone! Remote monitoring the Gate, Barrier, Shutter, Garage Door OPEN/Close Status! Remote[...]


[Chiny]Central Monitoring System GPRS TCP IP 2015 new products

CMS-02 Central Monitoring System for Temperature and data control KingCenter CMS-02 GPRS/3G UMTS/GPS Remote Monitoring System Central Monitoring System Remote monitoring system Remote monitoring center software Remote temperature & Humidity monitoring Wireless temperature and Humidity monitoring As society grows and technology advances, many projects become more and more miniaturized and requirements of intelligent. A variety of traditional data acquisition system has been more and more[...]


[Chiny]GSM car alarm J029

1.GSM cell phone carrier 2.Friendly human voice instruction 3.Arm/disarm by phone, and remote control 4.Two-stage shock alarm modes 5.False alarm trigger prevention 6.Will call up 3 alarm phone numbers when there is an alarm. 8.Override switch 9.Sensitivity of shock sensor adjustable 10.Checking system status by telephone 11.Status LED indicator 12.Trigger alarming (opening the door and engine start) 13.Shocking alarming 14.Power off alarming 15.Bonnet open alarming 16.Alarm memory[...]


[Chiny]2.4G Wireless Camera Kit

Introduction: Small and delicate appearance, good performance *High-quality picture and sound transmitting and receiving *Min 100m transmission distance without block *Can be used on TV, monitor, LCD, etc. *Including adaptive bracket, easy installation *Suitable for monitoring children and elders, and widely used for theft prevention, after-hours surveillance, home security, etc.[...]


[Chiny]Selling underwater security systems

Product Name : KACR-1107 Product About : Description: ·7" TFT LCD Colour Monitor ·Infrared 0 Lux Night Vision ·60 ft. Steel Mesh Cable ·Rechargeable Battery ·CMOS or CCD Camera ·High resolution display ·Can be connected to 2 camera and VCR ·3 ways power supply: AC 110V/220V 60/50Hz AC adaptor(with adaptor) DC 12V-15V car/boat cord Battery power supply(rechargeable batteries included)[...]


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