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[Chiny]food packing

Product Description 1) Material: tinplate 2) Standard: ISO9001:2000 3) place of origin: Shenzhen 4) Color: 4 color printing outside; clear varnish inside. 5) Shape: round 6)Packing: card board box Product Specification/Models 1) Model No: ML-564 2) Dimensions (L x W x H): D85X160mm[...]


[RPA]Rooibos (red bush) herbal tea

Rooibos (red bush) tea originates from the leaves and stems of the Aspalathus Linearis plant which is indigenous to South Africa. The tea is mild, with a fruity, sweet taste and contains no added colours or preservatives. Traditionally, rooibos is oxidised and this gives it the red colour for which it is known. In addition to our regular rooibos, we are now offering unoxidised green rooibos tea. This tea has a slightly different taste to conventional rooibos and is particularly high in antioxidants,[...]


[Chiny]Green tea

This kind of tea has three sorts. They are amrita, spring bud, snow on green deep pool. These teas are grown on high altitude about 1000m, where cloud and mist, short sunlight, much free shoot ray, very differ temperatures of day and night. All of these are good for synthesize of nitrogen and aroma compounds in tea. So these made our green tea with a high quality. In china this kind of tea has more than 2000 years’ history, it once be used only by emperor, and received many praises in the ancients’[...]


[Chiny]green teabag

green teabag green tea bag riches in health ingredients,i.e. tea phenol,amino acid,coffee soda,Vitamin C and so on.It has the healthy effects of anti-oxidation,anti-radiation,anti-cancer,lowering lipid. specification : 138*136*78mm(50 teabags) 138*68*78mm(25 teabags) 70*68*78mm(12 teabags)[...]


[Chiny]sencha green tea

sencha green tea "Yachter"sencha tea series: No.:8900,8903,8911,8912,8914... EU standard, Fujian Original, hight quality, competitive prices.It riches in health ingredients,i.e. tea phonel,amino acid,coffee soda,Vitamin C and so on.It has the healthy effects of anti-oxidation,anti-radiation,anti-cancer,lowering lipid.[...]


[Chiny]Instant ginger tea

We handle the instant ginger tea which is the pure natural healthy drink refined from the high quality dried ginger, honey, glucose or white sugar with the flavors of original, lemon, black sugar, or jujube. It has functions of clearing away coldness, eliminating choke, quenching pain, sweating and removing heat, and has several packing sizes for your selection, also my do as your demand, please don't hesitate to contact me for more further informations.[...]


[Chiny]new craft white tea

Fujian new craft white tea Fujian new white tea is a white tea made by new producing craft. Fujian New white tea doesn't request tender tea leaves like white peony tea or longevity eyebrow. The processing of FUjian New white tea include three steps: withering, slightly rolling, and drying. The withered fresh tea leaves shall be slightly twisted immediately then dired.[...]


[Chiny]white peony

White Peony (Pai Mu Dan):White peony tea is made from the buds and leaves that remain after the famous silver tip white tea has been harvested. Tts sweet and mild, yet very full-bodied. The cup color is darker and the aroma bolder, the natural sweetness clearly identifies the close relationship to the silver tip white tea.[...]


[Chiny]white silver needle

Bai Hao Yin Zhen (White Silver Needle): produced at Fuding and Zhenghe areas in Fujian province.It a top grade white tea. Single buds are plucked right when they fully develop and are ready to open. The beautifully acerose buds are covered with silvery hairs,hence the tea named "silver tip white tea".It's taken as "the beauty" in teas.Tea lovers describe it as "white like cloud, green like dream, pure like snow, aromatic like orchid". When infusing, every bud tands[...]


[Chiny]jade butterfly

Jade Butterfly is a high quality white hand-tied tea produced from young buds picked in the spring with Ethereal fragrant whole leaves rolled into the shape of a Jade Butterfly, and then scented with Jasmine flowers. The tea unfurl gently in hot water to release a clean, smooth taste with a jasmine fragrance.[...]


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