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[Chiny]food packing

Product Description 1) Material: tinplate 2) Standard: ISO9001:2000 3) place of origin: Shenzhen 4) Color: 4 color printing outside; clear varnish inside. 5) Shape: round 6)Packing: card board box Product Specification/Models 1) Model No: ML-564 2) Dimensions (L x W x H): D85X160mm[...]


[Tajlandia]Lipton Ice tea 24 X 325 ML-500Ml..Cans-Petbottles

Lipton Ice tea 24 X 325 ML-500Ml..Cans-Petbottles 24 x 325 ml./500ml. with different tastes ,like peach,,lemon, /honey-lemon-GreenTea,Highland Design are in 50/50 English Thai price : On request Letter of containment Stock Location : Bangkok,thailand Quantity Offered : Ongoing supply Minimum Order : 1 x 20ft container or less as trial order 1 x 20 fcl is 2200 cartons.without Pallets or 1600 cartons (Petbottles) Payment Terms : T/T 30% deposit, balance against copy of the B/L [...]


[Chiny]Black tea

Keemun Black Tea of China has been famous in the world since the 1800's. Many know Keemun to be the premier black tea. Predominantly sold to the British Empire since the Qing Dynasty, Keemun has been considered by the Chinese to be a "prince of teas". To the world it is known as one of the "Champagnes of tea". When the tea is baked, all of the doors and windows of our factories are closed to maintain the smell. When milk is added, the milk doesn't rob the fragrance of keemun[...]


[Chiny]Green tea

Green teas, the earliest form of tea, are processed without oxidation. Prized for centuries for their health benefits, China green teas are becoming a most favored drink and suitable to any diet with its richful aroma. The green teas we supply are available in a great range of style and flavor. The top grades reflect thousands of years of refinement to what can be considered an art form. The chief varieties of Green Tea are Special Chunmee, Gunpowder. Special favorites are Long Jing (Dragon well),[...]


[Chiny]oolong tea

Highly aromatic and flavorful, our oolong teas offer deep, rich flavor notes, excellently combining the freshness of green tea and the fragrance of black tea. Ti Kuan Yin, Da Hong Pao, Wenshan Baozhong, Huang Jin Gui, Fenghuang Milan, Shui Xian...are some of the best styles of oolong teas. Oolong Tea is helpful in dieting, antiaging, bringing high blood pressure down, improving immune competence, anti-heart-disease, prolonging your lifespan, metabolic stimulating attributes, etc. The oolong tea[...]


[Chiny]White tea

White tea is a slightly fermented tea with its body covered with fluffy white hair, with its special character: "silvery hairs covered body, fresh aroma, mellow taste and brilliant yellow brew water". Silver Needle Baihao and Bai Mu Dan ( white peony ) are the two best varieties of white tea. Dry leaves of white tea have a silky texture from the fine white hairs that cover each shoot. When steeped, the budlets become revealed. The flavor is sweet with floral frangrance and long lasting.[...]


[Chiny]Artistic tea

We are happy to offer you this amazing flavor of artistic flower tea. This tea is made up of fine tea leaves, sweet osmanthus, and jasmine flowers. It is really a modern tea pleasant to mouth and eye as well. We created this tea for it's fragrant presentation and artful spectacle. Steep for about five minutes and then serve for a treat surely to bring a smile. We have a great variety of artistic flower teas. All are natural, manufactured with tea leaves and different flowers wrapped insdie, and[...]


[Chiny]P'Uerh Tea

PU' ER TEA is the original spelling but it has been anglicized several times during its westward expanding use. It is manufactured in the Pu er tea district of southern Yunnan Province in China. It takes its name from the small city of Pu-er and is only a few hundred miles from the Laos and Burma border. This tea is well known throughout the medicine shops of China, and is highly regarded for its medicinal qualities as a digestive and nerve stimulant. The leaves have a marked bitterness. They[...]


[USA]Tahitea Spiced Chai

Specifications: A delicate balance of sweetness and old-world spices unite to create this wonderful chai tea with intriguing overtones. Delicately blended to enhance the natural antioxidant properties of the noni leaf, Tahitea Spiced Chai Tea offers an enchanting taste experience. 360 grams. Comes in a collectable tin.[...]


[Tajwan]Gaba Tea

GABA : An Inexpensive, Natural and Effective Way to Increase HGH Suppose you can turn back the hands of time to 10 years ago. You would look younger, have more energy and be slimmer. HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a chemical produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. HGH is reported to decline starting at the age of 25. Some of the many benefits of increasing this hormone in the body are : LOSE FAT, GAIN MUSCLE INCREASE ENERGY LEVEL ENHENCE SEXUAL PERFORMANCE INCREASE CARDIAC OUTPUT REMOVE[...]


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