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[Brazylia]Powdered chocolate beverage mix

Our products are on shelves of best supermarkets around and at segment stores through brand names as leo & byte. Each brand has the highest product quality providing delicious and nutricious products such as: powdered chocolate beverage mix, cake mix, drink powder, pudding powder, gelatin powder among others. One of the innovations is the white powder chocolate production.[...]



ROXXOFF TM drinks Natural and Unique Aphrodisiac, Vodka mixed Energy Drink. As the natural herb based formula combined with 5% pure grain malt (double distillate vodka), was used by the nobility from the ancients times, promote boosting processes on your body by stimulating energy and libido. Herbal extracts for the medical applications was used from the time 400 B.C. and not only that. The herbal extracts used in ROXXOFF TM drinks, such as: Epimedium brevicornum has been used as an Aphrodisiac[...]


[Francja]Hot blood

France Company developed a new energy drink called hot blood. Hot blood is a refreshing energy drink which has a direct effect on your mental and body performance. It will help you to achieve higher levels both at school as during sports. Furthermore it will stimulate your metabolism and push your limits. Even when you´re going out hot blood gives you the energy to continue all night. This powerful drink is unique of it´s[...]


[Korea Południowa]Lifestyle Health Tonic & Natural Energy Drink

Several brands of health drinks claim to boost energy and some even claim to relieve hangovers and drinking related side effects, but definitely CHEERS is in a class all by itself when it comes to measuring product efficacy. The formula is based on a mythical Oriental recipe composed basically of natural ingredients. Persons may consume the product not only when drinking, but also as a refreshing tea beverage at any time one may feel to need that extra energy. The difference is appreciated in[...]


[Tajlandia]Golden Falcon energy drink.

We are seeking worldwide distributors for our energy drink. Companies interested in representing this unique brand of energy drink are requested to contact us . One distributor per country .[...]


[Tajlandia]Vitamilk ready-to-drink soymilk. 24 x 300 ml.

Vitamilk ready-to-drink soymilk. 24 x 300 ml. Soybean Milk , Vitamilk One-way Bottle 300cc Vitamilk TOGO is a sterilized soymilk, providing basic dietary needs at a reasonable price. It can be kept fresh without refrigeration and tastes good whether it is hot or cold Vitamilk is a ready-to-drink soymilk for health conscious people of all ages. It is delicious and easy to digest. Vitamilk UHT is made from soymilk 89.5%, sugar 8%, vegetable oil 1.5%, and whole milk powder 1%, and contains no[...]


[Nowa Zelandia]Noni juice Pure

Noni juice 100% pure 750ml glass bottle box pack of six for $108.00 nz$ plus fright from New Zealand,[...]


[Polska]Coca cola 330ml Lowest price

We offer all range of coca cola text PL , at the lowest price in Poland . we guarantee fast delivery , safe shipping , alse the best price . MOQ 20'FCL[...]


[Korea Południowa]Lifestyle Natural Energy Drink, Metabolic Hangover Preventive

Challenging R&D manufacturer and international marketer of the World 1st Natural Energy Drink under the company philosophy for human oriented bio technologies, only Natural and Unique. Cheers Drink is a great achievement in smart drink history as the first natural herb based, totally sound, safe and completely beneficial health tonic, capable of inhibiting and relieving alcoholic hangover symptoms, quenching the severe thirst, waking you up fresher in the morning after a big party. It has[...]


[Bułgaria]Concentrates for energy, isotonic, soft fruit drinks and ice teas

We offer a premium quality Concentrates made entirely with Natural Products: - Herbal extracts rich in Vitamins and Minerals (Chamomile, Rosa Canina, Hypericum Perforatum, Verbena, etc. ) - Easy for absorption sugar- Corn Syrup - Unique ecologically clean Honey consisting of more than 75% Minerals, Amino Acids and Natural Sugars Wide ranges of variations are available on: - Flavor and Aromas- Classic, Lime, Wild Strawberry, the authentic Bulgarian Rose, Lavender, Mint and Green Apple -[...]


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