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Kraj: Chiny

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[Chiny]Fried Bitter Gourd / Melon

We are glad to introduce our new range of product namely : Bitter Gourd, commonly known as " King of Vegetables in East for its Taste and Properties " , Bitter Melon or as Kare - la, is in a very convenient package, ( Ready to Cook ), making you free from all hurdles of preparing a quick Bitter Gourd / Melon Curry; time saving & as good as Fresh, can be taken as Salad. Bitter Gourd / Melon is often prescribed to those with diabetes, as it is believed to have properties that lower[...]


[Chiny]Sell yellow onion

Fresh onion,New crop 2007.Size 5.0cm,6.0cm,7.0cm,8.0cm,9.0cm and up. Package: 10/20kg mesh bags;10kg carton or others as Buyer's option[...]


[Chiny]Sell fresh garlic

Fresh garlic,normal white and pure white garlic,new crop 2007;size 4.5cm,5.0cm,5.5cm,6.0cm and up;Package may be as follows:White Garlic:1kg/bag*10/carton; 10kg/bag*1/carton; 500g/bag*20/carton; 3pcs/bag, 5kg/ carton; 3pcs/bag, 10kg/ carton; 5pcs/bag 10kg/ carton; 20kg/bag[...]


[Chiny]Sell fresh garlic

Fresh garlic,normal white and pure white garlic; New crop 2007;Size 4.5cm,5.0cm,5.5cm,6.0cm,6.5cm and up. Package are as 10kg mesh bag,10kg loose carton and others as buyer's option.[...]


[Chiny]Sell Onion

Fresh onions, Yellow and red, Size 6.0cm,7.0cm,8.0cm,9.0cm and up. package are as 20kg mesh bags, 10kg mesh bags, cartons , or as buyer's option.[...]


[Chiny]Dehydrated/dried garlic flakes

1 Color:1st grade: natural white;2nd grade: slight yellow;3rd grade: deep yellow. 2 Thickness: 1.5mm---2.2mm 3 Broken Rate: 5% max. 4 Moisture: 6% max. 5 SO2 content: less than 30ppm .,no impurity. 6 Packing: Inner packing: 20kg/double poly bag Outer packing: carton or as customers options.[...]


[Chiny]Dehydrated / dried garlic granules

1 Color :Nice light yellow. 2 Size:8-16mesh=1.25-2.5 mm. 16-26mesh=0.71-1.25mm 26-40mesh=0.45-0.71mm 40-60mesh=0.28-0.45mm 3 Moisture: 6%max 4 SO2 content: less than 30ppm .,no impurity. 5 Packing : Inner packing:2 x 12.5kg/aluminum foil bag. Outer packing:25kg/carton,or packed as buyers option.[...]


[Chiny]Dehydrated/Dried red chillis/ Peppers

1 Size: 3cm-5cm; 5cm-7cm; 7cm-9cm; 9cm-12cm. 2 Stem and seeds: with and without. 3 Moisture: 14Max. 4 Aflatoxin: Free. 5 Packing: 10kgs/vacuum bag, 2x10kgs/woven bag, 20kg/jute bag.[...]


[Chiny]Organic fresh peeled garlic cloves

Our company specialized in peeled garlic (garlic cloves,garlic segments),and the quality up to export standard,if you have interest please feel free to contact me, your interest will be honored . Our factory and farms have been certified by ECOCERT JAS and NOP,so we could supply organic vegetables. Specification as the following: 1 Size: A 80---160grains/kg L : 160—240grains/kg M : 240—360grains/kg S : 360—550grains/kg 2 Package: 500g/plastic bag; 1kg/plastic bag;[...]


[Chiny]Organic fresh garlic

1 Variety: Normal white garlic ; Pure white garlic. Size 2 Size: 4cm and up;4.5cm and up;5cm and up;5.5cm and up; 6cm and up;6.cm and up;6.5cm and up;7cm and up. 3 Supply period: all the year round Fresh garlic: early June to September Cold storing garlic: September to the next May 4 Packing: (1) Loose packing: 10kg/carton; 20kg/carton; 10kg/mesh bag; 20kg/mesh bag. (2) Small packing: A: 1kg/bag; 1kg x 10 bags/carton B: 500g/bag; 500g x 20bags/carton C:[...]


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