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Type: Fat Ginger or Thin Ginger Size: 50gm, 100gm, 150gm, 200gm, 250gm, 300gm, 350gm up per pieces. Packing: For Water Washed, Clean and Wet Epidermis Ginger, Packed in 10kg, 20kg/carton within a plastic bag. For Water Washed, Clean and Dry Epidermis Ginger, Packed in 10kg, 20kg,30bl per plastic box. Or 10kg, 20kg, 30bl per mosquito net bag.[...]


[Chiny]Peeled garlic

frozen peeled garlic and fresh peeled garlic LL:100-160 cloves/kg L: 161-220 cloves/kg M: 221-280 cloves/kg S: 281-350 coves/kg SS: 350 over coves/kg Packages and “Private Label” available upon request.[...]



From tomato paste concentrate as raw material Repack tomato paste from bulk aseptic bag to small packages 70g-4500g tin can or glass bottle or pouch or PET bottle as final package[...]


[Indonezja]Cinnamon (cassia vera)

We produce cinnamon (cassia vera) from indonesia of any types. any interested importers are welcome to contact us without any hesitate.[...]


[Indonezja]Sell : Dry Ginger

We export Dry Ginger. Please contact us for your inquiries on any spices products.[...]


[Chiny]Red chilli pepper

Appearance; Even powder, drak red Usage: Used in meat products, conveient noodle, meat pills, flavoring, puffig, leisure and frozen foods Specification: Water: <=8% Ash: <=10% Size: 40-80 sieve Smell: Capsicum annum natural aromatic smell Bacteria QTY: <10, 000eg/g Escherichia coli: <30 ea/100g Main components: Pepper Without any food additives[...]


[Chiny]Garlic powder

Appearance:Even powder,cream-colored Usage:soup flavor season,gravy(meat,fowl,tomato and bean),flavoring componet,seasoning Specification:Water<=7%;Size:80-120 sieve;Smell:Garlic natural aromatic fragrant;Bacteria QTY:<10,000 eg/g;Escherichia coli:<30 ea/100g Main components:Evaporated garlic Without any food additives[...]


[Chiny]Black pepper powder

Appearance; Even powder, brown Usage: Convenient foods, meat products and other flavor foods Specification: Water: <=12% Size: 60-120 sieve Smell: Piquant and fragrant Bacteria QTY: <15, 000eg/g Escherichia coli: <30 ea/100g Main components: Black pepper Without any food additives[...]



We can export fresh ginger or dry ginger Size: 50-350g Packing: 10kg mesh bags;20kg mesh bags;10kg paper carton;30lbs paper carton[...]


[Egipt]Basil offer

We are please to offer Basil Product: basil leaves crushed (origin: Egypt) Specs: 3.00mm 40 mesh, moisture 10%, machine cleaned * Packing: pp 25 kg Quantity: 300 MT Lead time: 15 days from confirmation Price: 685 euro pmt FOB, we can also offer CFR and CIF terms if required Payment: CAD or LC Minimum quantity order: 6 MT 1x20' fcl This items is also available chamomile,peppermint ,spearmint ,calendula ,marjoram ,henna powder ,hibiscus ,thyme ,oregano ,sage ,chili (sweet &[...]


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