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Polecane firmy

Lovis Limited more

Kraj: Wielka Brytania
Region: Wielka Brytania
Miasto: Portland House
Ulica: Suite 2, Glacis Road
Telefon: +36 70 5438361
Faks: +36 70 9014790
Firm Rank: 0
Lovis limited export-import co. was founded in the EU in 2004 to help and establish trading between countries and regions. Our main activities are related with export-import and company registering - also offshore and non-offshore. Our company is exports another products like Sugar, Crude and refined vegetable oils, Palm Oil products, Biofuels, Used Rails, cement, Mazut, D2, and ARAMCO. Our company have got agricultural products as well like Soyabean, wet, etc.[...]

Shenzhen Energize Co., Ltd. more

Kraj: Chiny
Region: Chiny
Miasto: Shenzhen
Ulica: Jaibin Road
Telefon: +86 755 22165260
Faks: +86 755 25856193
Firm Rank: 0
Shenzhen Energize Co. Ltd. is an overseas investment company with its shareholder from Singapore. It is an innovative and focus company in the nutriceutical field. We aim to seek, acquire, develop, produce, market and distribute the best targeted fortified functional health products for the consumers in China. With its sister company in USA - Unik International LLC, we are always looking at innovative and latest technology from the best around the world. We have also been providing OEM / ODM production[...]

Xian Tianyi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. more

Kraj: Chiny
Region: Chiny
Miasto: Xian
Ulica: No.16, RenMing DongLu, LinTong
Telefon: +86 029 83861530
Faks: +86 029 83811417
Firm Rank: 0
Xian Tianyi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. mainly specializes in plant extracts. Our hot sales items include Green Tea Extreact, Red clover P.E., Soybean Extract, Epimedium P.E., Stevia, Grape seeds Extract, phytosterol. Vitamine E., wolfberry, wolfberry Extract, Pine bark extract, Yucca extract Rhodiola Rosea extract. Citrus Aurantium Extract, evening primrose oil etc.[...]

Ryazanskie Prostory more

Kraj: Rosja
Region: Rosja
Miasto: Moscow
Ulica: Pushkarev lane
Telefon: +7 495 6080201
Faks: +7 495 6074193
Firm Rank: 0
The "Ryazanskie Prostory" company was established in 2006 with the purpose to realize regional program of development agricultural sector in Ryazan region. Total supply of land of LLC "Ryazanskie Prostory" is 7500 hectares of arable lands, of which 4000 is in the ownership of the company. The main purpose of the company's operations is research and development in production of biologically active food additives and biofuel, as well as cultivation and processing of topinambour[...]

ALLATINI Group more

Kraj: Grecja
Region: Grecja
Miasto: Thessaloniki
Ulica: o.t.40 b' Phase, Industrial Area Sindos
Telefon: +30 2310 571033
Faks: +30 2310 571027
Firm Rank: 0
Allatini produces and distributes all types of flours and ready mixtures (for any applications - bakery and confectionary), semolina, a big variety of frozen dough products, natural, dietetic and organic products as well as other food supplements. All above are handling under outstanding technological conditions and exceed the strictest E.U. standards for hygiene and nutritional value (We are certified by ISO 90001-2000 and HACCP). We are looking for importers or distribution channels for[...]

Shenyang (China) Export Bases Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd more

Kraj: Chiny
Region: Chiny
Miasto: Shenyang
Ulica: 200, Zhongshan
Telefon: +86 24 86218477
Faks: +86 24 86218477
Firm Rank: 0
We can supply Sushi Products such as: Wasabi Powder, Pickled Ginger Slice.Japanese Soy Sauce, Nori, Frozen Seaweed Salad (Hiyahi Wakame),Miso, Sake, rice Vinegar, Soba,Udon,Harusame We are very pleased to send offer list if you are interested in our products.[...]

China International Trade and Service Co.,Ltd. more

Kraj: Chiny
Region: Chiny
Miasto: HK
Ulica: World Commerece CTR,7-11,CANTON ROAD
Telefon: +86 532 85816735
Faks: +86 532 85816735
Firm Rank: 0
China International Trade and Service Co., Ltd. is health food company offering you a large selection of health food products at great low prices! Our focus is to provide a natural alternative for your health and beauty needs.[...]

PaladinEnterprises Limited more

Kraj: Wenezuela
Region: Wenezuela
Miasto: Gasparillo
Ulica: #18 Anand Circular Drive, Harmony Hall
Telefon: +868 785 9037
Firm Rank: 0
We export high quality fresh market produce from Trinidad and Tobago, primarily to the US markets in New York City and the Canadian markets in Toronto. We have been in the business for several years now. We use the national packhouse facilities which process and package our produce to ensure proper safety and saniataion procedures are followed. Please contact us to begin dialogue. Regards, Deryck Dhanie, Director, Paladin Enterprises Limited,[...]

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